School of Social and Political Science

SKAPE-net lecture by Prof Mark Brown on 18th June 2015

Prof Mark Brown from California State University's Department of Government will be giving a SKAPE-net keynote lecture on 'Climate Change and the Politicization of Science'.

Revisiting Moral Panics

Viv Cree, Gary Clapton and Mark Smith have a book series coming out soon, on a range of social issues and anxieties explored through the

2015 UG Graduation

This year's UG Graduation Ceremony will take place in the Usher Hall on Wednesday 1st July at 3pm.

May 25 Short Course: Q-Step Conversion Course 2015 09:00 (11 days and 8 hours) , Chrystal Macmillan Building

Q-Step Conversion Course

Jun 01 Meeting: Speaker: Andrew Neal # University of Edinburgh title TBC - IR Research Group 13:00 (1 hour) , 4th Floor Meeting Room ('The Pod') of the Chrystal Macmillan Building, 15A George Square, Edinburgh

IR research group

Jun 02 Lecture: Patient Capital in the 21st century (N/A) , Chrystal MacMillan Building