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Welcome to the Centre for Narrative & Auto/Biographical Studies (NABS)!

NABS brings together people interested in all aspects of narrative and all forms of auto/biographical representation, from talk to transcribed text, from photographs to memorial sites, from verbal introductions to hagiography, from letters and cards to friends to memoirs and autobiographies, from obituaries to painted portraits, from academic biography to sculpture, and more. NABS very much welcomes the diversity of perspectives, theories and methodologies which exist in this area of work and it is committed to theoretical and methodological openness, rather than being associated with any particular approach.

NABS is an interdisciplinary research centre launched in October 2006. It is also a virtual centre, in that it has no premises or staff, but is run by and for interested people who help run its events, although it does have a Director who acts as a liaison point for this.

More about the Centre

The Centre was awarded an ESRC Seminar Series, on 'Narrative Studies in Interdisciplinary Perspective: Theories, Methodologies and Revisions', which took place between March 2007 to June 2008; information about this and Abstracts from the papers can be accessed through the ESRC Seminar Series link via the NABS' 'Archive' button on the left.

NABS is also the base for the Scottish & Northern Narratives Network, which organises regular seminars and workshops on narrative themes. Events in recent years have included workshops on 'Taking the Narrative Turn?', 'Narrating Our Pasts', and 'Using Narrative Methodologies to Analyse Visual and Written Texts' and 'Neglected Narratives and Untold Stories'.

NABS works closely with Edinburgh's Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) and was involved in organising the IASH Research Theme on 'Life Writing, Testimony and Self-Construction'. Recent events have included seminars on hagiography, writing biography, re-reading Hume's 'My own Life', issues in 18th century biography, and time in diary-writing. For upcoming events, please see the IASH homepage.

To support its platform of activities, there is a mailing list which you are welcome to become a member of. Information about how to do this can be accessed through the 'Mailing list & past mailings' button on the left.

Liz Stanley - Director, Centre for NABS

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