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SPS response to Covid 19

Find out how the School of Social and Political Science is reacting and adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic here.  We're carrying out research projects across our range of expertise to address challenges the pandemic is causing for society. And we're working hard to develop our learning and teaching to provide the best possible education in what is a very different environment for universities.

3 December 2020 – Resilient childcare solutions to protect family wellbeing in times of crisis Researchers at the School of Social and Political Science (SPS) have won new funding from the Economic and Social Research Council to address the urgent need for effective childcare solutions for families during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

3 December 2020 – Edinburgh researcher to give a feminist perspective on the impact of COVID-19 in Africa
Dr Rama Salla Dieng at the School of Social and Political Science (SPS) and international collaborators will begin a new project tackling the social, economic and political impact of COVID-19 in Africa with a feminist, intersectional perspective. 

25 November 2020 – Edinburgh researchers part of ESRC-funded study on global responses to domestic violence and abuse under Covid-19
Researchers at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Social and Political Science (SPS) are part of a new international study launching later this month to examine global responses to domestic violence and abuse during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

23 September 2020 – Big brands cashed in on Covid-19, study finds

Major producers of alcohol, junk food and soft drinks have used Covid-19 to promote products at the expense of public health, research suggests.

7 September 2020 – Researchers to investigate impact of Covid-19 on African elections with UK Government funding

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Social and Political Science (SPS) have received £367,000 from the UK Government to investigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on elections in Africa.

6 August 2020 – SPS Social Work graduates fast tracked for a key role in the community

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s cohort of Master of Social Work students qualified early from the School of Social and Political Science, to give their support to the people, communities and families in Scotland. They share their experience in a new article in the University’s Edit magazine.

16 July 2020 – How to survey citizens’ compliance with COVID-19 public health measures

SPS’ Jean-François Daoust proposes a set of 'face-saving' questions to help researchers working on compliance with preventive measures using survey data to reduce social desirability bias.

13 July 2020 – Elderly people and responses to COVID-19 in 27 countries 
In a new paper for the PLOS ONE journal, Dr Jean-François Daoust covers his research into improving understanding of elderly people’s responses to the COVID-19 pandemic using data from 27 countries. 

3 July 2020 – Care home study maps lockdown impact on families

A new study is to gauge how lockdown restrictions have affected the families of care home residents.

2 June 2020 – Social work students qualify early to join fight against Covid-19
Social work students are graduating early to help deliver health and social care services during the pandemic.

26 May 2020 – Recovering Edinburgh’s cultural spaces during a global pandemic
University of Edinburgh researchers are leading a project to tackle the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the city’s culture sector, creating new cultural events throughout and beyond the lockdown.

19 May 2020 – SPS study investigates public understandings, expectations and experience of Covid-19 testing in Scotland 

Dr Alice Street has launched new research into how testing strategies for Covid-19 are influencing public trust in health services and government response.

18 May 2020 – Has the Ebola epidemic in West Africa prepared Sierra Leone’s health system for Covid-19?

Social anthropologists at the School of Social and Political Science will investigate whether technology-focused responses to the 2014 – 2016 Ebola epidemic in West Africa prepared Sierra Leone’s health system for Covid-19.

12 May 2020 – Two SPS researchers to collect video diaries from residents in Edinburgh and the Lothians

A new project, Recording Life during a Pandemic: The Lothian Diary Project, will investigate questions of public health, media, and communication among residents of Edinburgh and the Lothians in relation to COVID-19.

12 May 2020 – CAHSS researchers write about the pandemic on new blog 

Researchers from SPS and the other schools in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences are writing about the pandemic on a new blog, Covid-19 Perspectives.

12 May 2020 – New microsite to document the University of Edinburgh’s reaction to the pandemic 

The University of Edinburgh has set up a new microsite to share stories of how it is reacting to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The School’s sociology department is recording, documenting and commenting on Covid-19 through stories and accounts, as the pandemic unfolds. 

Dr Tod Van Gunten, a Lecturer in Economic Sociology at the School of Social and Political Science has created a tool aiming to provide a visualisation of the spread of coronavirus in Scotland.

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