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The Chrystal Macmillan Lecture Series

The Chrystal Macmillan Lecture Series was launched in 2011 by the School of Social and Political Science. The lecture series was created in order to focus public engagement with the key themes of social justice which concerned Chrystal during her lifetime and which the School continues to work on today, including human rights, gender and equality, peace and conflict resolution, and global citizenship.

Feminist Explorations of Contemporary South Asia: Possibilities and Challenges 20th Feb 2018

This lecture by Krishna Menon will focus on feminist politics in South Asia.

The Virgin and the Plow 4th Oct 2017

The School of Social and Political Science and the Institute for International Cultural Relations presents the Autumn 2017 Chrystal Macmillan Lecture by Debora L. Spar.

The 'Good' Parliament and the Feminist Critical Actor 27th Apr 2017

Professor Sarah Childs, from the University of Bristol, presented the Spring 2017 Chrystal Macmillan lecture. She spoke on the topic of ‘The Good Parliament'.

Critically Queering the Globally Intimate 10th Nov 2016

The Chrystal Macmillan Lecture Autumn 2016, delivered by Professor V. Spike Peterson of The University of Arizona, raises important questions about the global implications of intimate relations. The intimacy of love and loving: how can it produce exclusions and social violence that trouble global relations?

Everyday Bordering and the Re-orientation of Immigration Legislation in the UK 25th Apr 2016

Professor Nira Yuval-Davis, Director of the Research Centre on Migration, Refugees and Belonging (CMRB) at the University of East London, will discuss everyday bordering in metropolitan cities and different European border zones from an intersectional situated gaze perspective.

Myths and Realities: What is the Women, Peace and Security Agenda? 26th Nov 2015

The distinguished international lawyer and human rights advocate Madeleine Rees, Secretary General of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, will deliver our second Chrystal Macmillan Lecture of 2015.

Women's Rights have No Country: Regenerating Feminist Transnationalism 19th Mar 2015

Professor Anne Marie Goetz, Chief Advisor for Peace and Security at UN Women, will analyze recent developments in the institutionalization of gender equality concerns at the UN, particularly in relation to its security and peacebuilding institutions.

Ladies in the Lords: Women's Representation in Political Life 30th Oct 2014

The Lord Speaker Baroness D'Souza will discuss the role of women in the House of Lords past and present, and the impact those Members have on political life.

War and Intimate Violence: Reading the Ethnographic Record in the Light of the Mahabharata 18th Jun 2014

Professor Veena Das, of Johns Hopkins University, speaks on War and Intimate Violence: Reading the Ethnographic Record in the Light of the Mahabharata.

Ten Years On: Is the International Criminal Court Delivering for Women? 8th Oct 2013

Professor Louise Chappell reflects upon the first decade of the ICC's operation and evaluates the extent to which it has lived up to its promise to promote gender justice.

The Invention of Gender: Social Facts and Imagined Worlds 29th Nov 2012

Professor Ann Oakley looks back at the introduction of gender as a conceptual tool in social science, and at its birth in science fiction around the same time.

Gender Equality in Elected Office: Beyond Quotas 21st Nov 2011

In the Innaugural Chrysal Macmillan Lecture, Professor Pippa Norris speaks of the issues surrounding gender quotas, particularly in countries where they are less acceptable.

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