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The Invention of Gender: Social Facts and Imagined Worlds

The Invention of Gender: Social Facts and Imagined Worlds
Speaker: Professor Ann Oakley # Institute of Education, University of London
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29th Nov 2012 18:00 – 29th Nov 2012 19:00
George Square Lecture Theatre
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Professor Ann Oakley looks back at the introduction of gender as a conceptual tool in social science, and at its birth in another discipline - that of science fiction - around the same time. She explores the reasons why the invention of gender was necessary in both these genres and who was responsible.

Using examples from her own work on childbirth, methodology and masculinity as a policy issue, she considers different ways of writing about gender and what each has to offer in terms of understanding the most pressing social issues of our time. Her argument is that gender equality constitutes a limited vision of our human capacity for constructing a more comfortable and less destructive world.

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