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Edinburgh Territorial Politics Team wins ESRC Seminar Series Award

Wilfried Swenden and Nicola McEwen have won a prestigious award in the Economic and Social Research Council’s annual seminar series competition.

Their seminars, organised in association with Nicole Bolleyer of the University of Exeter, will explore the dynamics of intergovernmental relations (IGR) after devolution, especially in light of widespread party differences in the composition of governments at Westminster, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland since 2007.

The seminar series will address two key questions. First, given these differences between the parties leading government at each level, is the machinery of IGR in need of reform? Second, can the UK learn from other countries with multi-level political systems, where IGR are often conducted in a context of competitive party governments? The first seminar, ‘Towards a more formalized framework of IGR?’ will be convened in Exeter in the spring 2009, followed by a seminar in Edinburgh in June examining dispute prevention and resolution. These will be followed by a further three seminars in London, Brussels and Edinburgh exploring, in turn, central government’s response to the changes in government, the Europeanization of IGR, and IGR and the politics of climate change.

The seminars will bring together a broad range of expert scholars and practitioners, and provide opportunity for graduate student involvement. Anyone wishing further information should contact Dr Wilfried Swenden on tel: 44 131 650 4255, email:

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