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SSPS Moves / Books Clearout at AFB

On Monday 2 June, SSPS will begin a sequence of moves which will include departure from the Adam Ferguson Building, which (it is anticipated) will be closed (for an extensive programme of refurbishment) by Monday 16 June.

The School's subject areas (including Social Work), many of its Centres, and its central administration will be relocated at the newly refurbished and newly named Chrystal Macmillan Building, at the corner
of Middle Meadow Walk and George Square. 

The Science Studies Unit will be relocating to Chisholm House at High School Yards, and 21 George Square will accommodate colleagues (mainly from Politics IR) with a focus on European and Governance issues. The Institute of Governance also will continue a presence at High School Yards, as will the Research Centre for Social Sciences.

Below, a rough schedule for the moves is given.  Please be aware that the availability of services will be inevitably disrupted before andafter the move dates in question, and bear with us, as need be, while the moves are in process.  The Chrystal Macmillan Building will be closed to students on (at least) the 1st day of the moves (2 June). Also, it should be expected that standard student services will not begin to be available at the new Building before 11 June  at the very earliest (please see below regarding which support offices move when). The move of (for example) the UG Teaching Office on 9 June means that [a] the office in question should be assumed to be closed on the day in question and [b] in the days preceding and following the move itself, necessarily focussing on packing / unpacking / reorganisation.

Information regarding interruptions to / the availability of dedicated SSPS microlab facilities has been made available separately. 

In preparation for the move, staff have been placing unwanted books in Room G13 at AFB - these books are being made freely available for students to collect and keep.  The room is generally open for this purpose until Friday 13 June inclusive, so please see whether there's anything there of interest to you. 


Week beginning 2 June, to CMB:
  • Head of School's Office;
  • AFB academic staff in Politics IR, Social Anthropology, Social Policy, and Sociology;
  • Centres of African, Canadian and South Asian Studies.
Week beginning 9 June, to CMB:
  • UG Teaching Office (9 June);
  • Subject Secretaries (9 June, except Social Work);
  • PhD students (some also moving in the subsequent week);
  • Most but not all academic staff currently in Buccleuch Place;
  • Graduate School Office (13 June).
  • To 21 George Square: some academic and admin colleagues in Politics IR.
  • Science Studies Unit to Chisholm House (12 June). 

Some relocations of Honorary and Emeritus staff within Buccleuch Place
in this week and next.

Week beginning 16 June, to CMB:
  • Social Work, from 31 Buccleuch Place. 
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