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Europa Institute Conference & Special Transatlantic Seminar Event

The European Union and Global Financial Turmoil

On 4th December The Europa Institute will be funding a mini-conference and additional seminars with academic and expert-practitioner speakers.

The topic is The European Union and Global Financial Turmoil. This is being run in conjunction with the Transatlantic Seminar Series.

Full details are currently available on the Europa Institute website. Click here.

Speakers and topics include:

Sylvia Maxfield, Simmons College, School of Management, Boston: Capital adequacy rules: the US versus the EU

Amy Verdun, University of Victoria: EU responses to East European crises

Steve Ryan, DG-Ecfin, European Commission: Creating the European Systemic Risk Council

Sebastian Royo, Suffolk University, Boston: Spain's response to the global crises: Lessons for the EU

Henrik Enderlein, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin: On the European Central Bank and the credit crunch

Lucia Quaglia, University of Sussex: Regulating Hedge Fund activity at the EU-level

George Pagoulatos, University of Athens: The EU’s international response to the financial crisis

Kenneth Dyson, University of Cardiff: Germany response to the global crisis:  Lesson for the EU.

Gavin Kretzschmar, University of Edinburgh, Business School: Why Basel II and the EU capital directive miss the point: Why banks are 'methodologically' under capitalised

Charlotte Rommerskirchen, University of Edinburgh: Managing European Fiscal Policy after the crisis

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