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Facing up to change; breaking barriers to a low-carbon Scotland

Jan Webb has been involved over the last 18 months with a Royal Society of Edinburgh Inquiry, which published its Full Report (190 pages) and Supplementary Report (35 pages) on 1 March 2011.

Both of these reports are available on An 8-person inter-disciplinary committee (also including David Sugden (Chair), Geosciences and Andy Kerr, Director of the Edinburgh Centre on Climate Change) has taken evidence from some 110 organisations, 40 individuals, and hosted/participated in 6 public meetings, 30 seminars and carried out a Scottish schools’ competition.

Recognising that climate change is a challenge to the way we organise society, use our resources and live our lives, the Inquiry identifies specific barriers to change at national, regional and local scales, which need to be tackled by civil society, policy makers and businesses.  It is only through real public engagement and the involvement of all sectors of society that we will be able to make the step change needed to reap the benefits of a low-carbon society.

Key findings have been presented at the RSE and at a Futures Forum event at the Parliament. A meeting of the Parliamentary Cross Party Group on Climate Change and a Beltane/Futures Forum public seminar will develop the discussion on 10 March.

The  reports findings are summarised in a two-minute film on Youtube and  Please view the film and spread its message far and wide! The link is

Details of the 10 March Beltane/Futures Forum seminar from 


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