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Social Policy Staff ‘Rethink Retirement’

Three members of staff from Social Policy contribute to the ESRC Rethinking Retirement Seminar Series

Alison Koslowski, Stephan Köppe and Adrian Sinfield contributed to the ESRC Rethinking Retirement Seminar Series. The seminar series was launched in February at the University of Edinburgh Business School. The University  of Brighton provides now a video with interviews of the participants.

Dr Alison Koslowski highlights the issue of grandparents caring for their grandchildren. Not all grandparents are pensioners by the time their children need care support, which suggests that parental leave might be extended to grandparents as well.

Prof Adrian Sinfield warns of rising inequalities among pensioners, compared to the cohorts who entered retirement in the 1970s and 1980s.

Stephan Köppe calls attention to the myopic retirement planning of individuals. The privatisation and individualisation of pension schemes in the last decades decreased pension coverage which is likely to result in lower pensions for many elderly.

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