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Two Shortlisted for EUSA Teaching Awards

Paul Norris (Best Director of Studies) and Ethnography: Theory and Practice (Best Course).

We would like to congratulate Paul Norris from Social Policy and the "Ethnography: Theory and Practice" Team for their EUSA nominations.

Jonathan Spencer, Head of Social Anthropology and course organiser:

"We're absolutely thrilled at this news. This is a brand new course, and its success is all to do with the combination of a fabulous course team - Natalie Konopinski, Koreen Reece and Jennifer Curtis, with first class back-up from May Rutherford - and an equally fabulous group of students."

We also managed to harass Paul into giving his reaction:

"I'm very pleased to have being nominated for this award. It provides recognition for all the hard work of those within the School who help handle students' queries and requests on a day to day basis."

We wish them all the best of luck when the winners are announced on the 23rd march.

Freshers 2013