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Ethnography and Social Identities Workshop

Tata Institute of Social Sciences and University of Edinburgh are organising a two day workshop - 30-31 August 2012

"Tata Institute of Social Sciences and University of Edinburgh will organise a two day workshop on 'Ethnography and Social Identities' for PhD scholars on 30-31 August 2012 in Mumbai.This interactive workshop is for scholars who have completed ethnographic fieldwork or are in the midst of it. The workshop aims at critically engaging PhD scholars to the opportunities and challenges of participant observation in the study of social exclusion. The focus is on those PhD scholars who are studying deprived groups like Dalits, Muslims and Adivasis, however others with interests in caste, religion and ethnicity too are encouraged to apply. Participation in the workshop will particularly help scholars develop their methodology chapters."

This is the link to the event:

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