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Experts argue for two questions in referendum

Dr Nicola McEwan, co-director of the Institute of Governance, sums up the Academy of Government's response to the referendum consultation

"The wording of the question can't be agreed until we know how many questions there will be on the ballot paper. 

"We've argued that it's possible to have a clear and decisive outcome by including an additional option on enhanced devolution within the UK. This could be achieved by introducing a 'gateway' question inviting voters to support or oppose change, then in a second question, offering a choice between independence and enhanced devolution. This second question would only be counted if the first secured majority support.

"We agree that the question has to be judged fair by all sides, and that requires proper scrutiny, research and cognitive testing. The Electoral Commission is best placed to oversee this process.

"Whatever the question wording, it's important that the options on the table are as clear as possible. That means we need to move beyond debates over process to debates on the substance of all of the proposals regarding Scotland's constitutional future."

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