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Innovative Learning Week Latest Schedule!

SPS are pleased to announce their schedule for Innovative Learning Week.

View the latest schedule, please click on this link

Innovative Learning Week is a University-wide initiative to provide students with the opportunity to participate in events that are experimental, innovative and fun but which also enhance skills which are relevant to employability.

Amongst the events will be opportunities to engage with public, community and university issues all the way from sustainability to binge-drinking. Some events are open lectures in topics far from your field of study which you are welcome to attend and enhance your perspective on key issues.

The value of ILW is increased by the opportunity to listen to different opinions and perspectives and interact with other people from different fields of knowledge and experience.

You will see that most events have a colour associated with them. This indicates the organising subject area of the particular event. Where that event stretches across all columns, it means it is an open event available to students outside of the organising subject area. For example, the International Development team are running a poster design event which is open to all students. Any student with an interest in development issues or perhaps a budding artist would be very welcome to join in this event. You will notice another open event on Tuesday which stretches across all areas but is being run by Sociology – a professional theatre group is putting on a well-travelled production of 'Thirsty' which will be followed by a discussion on binge-drinking – why not listen and participate in a discussion that will be only be enhanced with the various perspectives of a disparate audience from different disciplines.

Please note some events are ticketed - this is purely to give us an idea of interested numbers: They are free but you will still need to reserve your place - look at the further event information at the end of the document.   We hope you find many events in which to take part and enjoy.

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