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Professor gives evidence at the House of Lords

Christina Boswell appears at the House of Lords to discuss "The EU's Approach to Global Migration and Mobility"

The House of Lords Home Affairs, Health and Education EU Sub-Committee took evidence from academics on 24 October 2012. The session discussed the EU's Global Approach to Migration and Mobility. A video of the session is available here.

BoswellProfessor Christina Boswell, a member of Politics & International Relations, appeared alongside Professor Ronald Skeldon of the University of Sussex' Centre for Migration Research and Professor Andrew Geddes of the University of Sheffield.

Issues under discussion included:

  • areas in which EU migration policies have made the most – and least – progress;

  • the impact of the global economic and financial crisis on European migration trends within, to and from Europe;

  • whether there is any hope that Europe will be able to ‘speak with one voice’ on migration; and

  • their personal views on calls to remove international students from net migration statistics.

Professor Boswell's research explores problems of regulation and steering, state legitimation, and the use of knowledge, especially in relation to European immigration policy. Her work draws on theories from public policy, organisational sociology and Luhmann's systems theory.

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