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New PGCert in Making Use of Digital Research

The University of Edinburgh is currently developing a new online training programme in the broad area of Digital Research, to be available from September 2014

This Postgraduate Certificate is aimed at commissioners, coordinators and users of digital research in business, policy-making and the third sector, including digital marketing and analytical services officers. The PGCert comprises a suite of courses that together provide the critical understanding and skills needed to make best use of digital research findings, with a particular focus on social media research, web 2.0 data and their synergies with publicly available ‘open’ administrative datasets. These skills include:

- Understanding the production and consumption of automatic measures of user/citizen/customer feedback online;

- Making best use of evidence from digital data analysis to inform business and policy decision-making;

- Organizing interdisciplinary strategies for digital research groups;

- Identifying and accessing relevant expertise to undertake digital research for business and policy;

- Anticipating future evolution and potential use of the digital research service market.

Based on the latest research into the social and economic influences on how digital research is being developed and used, this PGCert is designed both for novices and for more experienced professionals who need to maintain a critical appreciation of the fast moving field of digital research.
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