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Parochial Global Europe Published by OUP

PIR's John Peterson has a new study of trade policy out with Oxford University Press (co-authored with Alasdair Young of the Georgia Institute of Technology) entitled Parochial Global Europe: 21st Century Trade Policy.

The publication argues that the European Union is a conflicted trade power:  it is both liberal and protectionist, as well as a champion of multilateral trade rules that often faces great difficulty in complying with rulings of the World Trade Organization.  Alasdair and John deploy a policy sub-systems approach to explain why.  They find that EU trade policy in fact consists of multiple policies, including many ostensibly internal policies – such as consumer safety and environmental regulation – that can powerful external effects.  To read an excerpt from Parochial Global Europe in the on-line journal E!Sharp, click here (  For more information, click here:


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