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Sociology Hosts Second Salon

Please come to *The Salon of Scandalous Notions*




The Salon of Scandalous Notions  


Sociology welcomes you to our second School Salon! After the wild success of our first Salon event, we are happy to keep *stirring the pot* of inderdisciplinary discussion!

Salons are community events where we can discuss ideas in a relaxed and social environment. We’ll have presentations in the Pecha Kucha format and anyone is free to talk, sing, dance or do their party piece. 

The theme for the next Salon is: "Perfect Society" 

We’ll meet in the CMB 6th floor Staff Room, Thursday 31st July, 5pm on.

If you are on Facebook you can sign up here:

.....Or, just come along!


For more info or if you're interested in presenting some research, please contact Angus Bancroft or Emilia Sereva