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Vote for the Best Olive Schreiner Letter

Vote for the best Olive Schreiner letter! The prize is a nice Unwin edition of Schreiner's Dreams, first published in 1890. Closing Date: 31st March 2014.

Olive Schreiner, one of the great feminist theorists and a writer who published across a wide range of genres, also wrote c5000 extant letters. These have been published by the Olive Schreiner Letters Online and are freely available to access: they can be read by collection, by addressee, by date and also via a wide range of searches.

Liz Stanley & Andrea Salter invite you to vote for the best letter, and as the editors of the Schreiner letters, have identified a 'top ten' to choose from.

For the letter which receives the most votes, the editors shall put the names/email addresses of all those who voted for it in a hat and then randomly select one winner. That person gets the prize!

Stanley & Salter ask those voting to provide a brief (50 words max) comment on their reasons for selecting a particular letter. They hope to include an anonymised selection of these comments on the Olive Schreiner Letters Project website once the competition is over.

The closing date for voting is 31 March 2014, and your vote should be sent by email to Dr. Andrea Salter (

More information about The Olive Schreiner Letters Project can be found here.

For more information on the contest, or to view the selection of letters to choose from, please visit the contest page.

Thank you!

Olive Schreiner Letters