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22 Students Ready for Holyrood

At the beginning of October, after five weeks of tuition, twenty-two students keenly anticipated the start of their sojourn at Holyrood as part of the Parliamentary Internship programme.

Until just before Christmas, they’ll be working closely with MSPs on an agreed research project. 

Five weeks of tuition under the auspices of the Academy of Government, provided by Dave McCrone, James Mitchell and Paddy Bort, included courses in British and Scottish Politics and Scottish Society and Culture, as well as a programme of site visits and encounters, which helped to prepare the prospective interns for their Parliamentary experience.

The research they are now undertaking ranges from prison and judicial reform to Scottish trade connections with the Far East, from renewable energies, education and health issues to financial regulation and fiscal policies.

Paddy, the convener of the Parliamentary Programme, expressed his gratitude to the MSPs who partake in this educational opportunity by providing the students with a unique learning experience. Learn more about this programme here.

Edinburgh Students