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Easter Conferences

Easter is a busy time for conferences with staff members giving inputs at a number of European and International conferences.

Janice McGhee is presenting at the Law Society of Ireland's Child Protection & the Law conference in Dublin. The aim of the conference is to examine the results of the research of the Child Care Law Reporting Project (CCLRP) into the operation of the Child Care Acts in the Irish courts, and research undertaken by UCC into experience of the child care courts; and to look at the approaches taken to child protection and the law in a number of other jurisdictions.

Mark Smith, Viv Cree, Gary Clapton and Fiona Morrison are presenting with Rhoda Macrae and practitioners from Edinburgh City & East Lothian Councils at the BASPCAN conference, New Directions in Child Protection & Wellbeing, to be held in Edinburgh. They are contributing on a number of different research and knowledge exchange projects relating to children and families' social work. Autumn Roesch-Marsh is giving a paper at the same conference, with Andrew Gillies.

Steve Kirkwood, Viv Cree and Janice McGhee will all be presenting papers at the 5th European Social Work Research conference, which will be in Llubiana, Slovenia. The conference theme this year is 'Revisioning Social Work with Individuals, Collectives and Communities'.

Jackie Gulland is speaking at the Socio-Legal Studies Association, annual conference in Warwick, on ‘Too trifling to be significant’ – moving boundaries of ‘permitted work’ in claims for incapacity benefits across the twentieth century and at the British Sociological Association conference in Glasgow, on ‘Overcoming disability’: the construction of incapacity for work and the social model of disability across the twentieth century UK benefits system’.

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