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GJA Wins £4.4m Research Award

The University’s Global Justice Academy has received a multimillion pound research programme award to explore how countries affected by conflict can successfully and peacefully rebuild their societies.

The £4.4m research award from the UK Department for International Development will look at how political settlements work in different countries and how they can be improved to include all citizens.

The programme will involve Professor Fiona Mackay, Professor Tobias Kelly, Dr Mathias Thaler, and Dr Zoe Marks from the School of Social and Political Science.

Research Programme Objectives

A key objective of the Political Settlements Research Programme is to inform and promote more effective national and international development policies for fragile states, ultimately supporting people to build more stable and effective institutions, reduce poverty, and prevent violence.

International Partners

Professor Christine Bell, School of Law, will lead the global consortium which also includes: Conciliation Resources; the Rift Valley Institute in the UK, Kenya and South Sudan; the Transitional Justice Institute at Ulster University; and the Institute for Security Studies in South Africa.

Further information can be found via the Global Justice Academy

Follow the project at its new website:

Or on Twitter @polsettlements 

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