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The Herbert Gottweis Prize to Social Policy staff

Sotiria Grek's article "OECD as a site of coproduction: European education governance and the new politics of policy mobilization"™ is the winner of the Herbert Gottweis Prize for an article published in Critical Policy Studies Volume 8 (2014).

Each year the Critical Policy Studies journal offers a prize, the Herbert Gottweis Prize, for the overall best article published in Critical Policy Studies in the previous year. The winning articles are chosen by a panel of members of the CPS Editorial Board.

In reporting their verdict, the judges made the following comment: ‘Sotiria Grek’s paper offers an intriguing account of how a boundary-spanning knowledge broker transformed into a powerful policy-making institution. Grek’s study of the OECD’s involvement in European education governance is a good example of how a sociological approach contributes to our understanding of global policy making. Grek combines rich empirical detail with analytical rigor and innovation. The paper invites students of critical policy studies to pay careful attention to the political and cultural effects of standardization, ranking and testing’. You can read the article here:

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