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Scottish Parliament Election 2016

SPS academics to provide comment and analysis on the 2016 Scottish Parliament election.

Voting it seems has never been more popular in Scotland. With the third national poll in 21 months taking place on Thursday, SPS academics are once again lining up to provide through-the-night comment and analysis.

Staff from Politics and International Relations (PIR) will be assessing the Scottish results across different broadcasters throughout the night as well as providing expert comment on the results elsewhere in the UK.

Head of PIR and Professor of Political Science, Ailsa Henderson, will be in the hot seat on STV, as she was for the 2015 General Election and the independence referendum the preceding year.

Prof Henderson said, “Election night specials are a great opportunity to showcase the expertise we have in SPS. As well as informing the public more generally, they also allow us to engage on some of the techy election and campaigning details that excite us, including poll weightings, the specifics of the d’Hondt counting method for devolved elections, and candidate selection processes.”

The BBC will also be serving up some well-known faces for anyone familiar with the School. Professor of Territorial Politics, Nicola McEwen, will be leading the charge on BBC Scotland, offering commentary on the results as they emerge from close of polls until six in the morning. She will then hand over the baton to Senior Vice-Principal and Professor of Politics, Charlie Jeffery, in the BBC studio and Politics Lecturer Dr Alan Convery, outside the Scottish Parliament. Dr Robert Liñeira will also be providing ‘backroom support’, crunching the numbers as the results come in.

Completing the set for Edinburgh, Dr Meryl Kenny will be on Sky’s election sofa, adding some academic insight to its coverage of the results.

Voters will be going to the polls to elect members of the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Senedd, the Northern Ireland and London Assemblies as well as for local government elections in England. As a results, broadcasters will be looking to our experts to give a sense of what the results mean both for each territory and for the UK as a whole. 

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