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STIS Hosts Suffrage Science Award Winner

Dr Pippa Goldschmidt recognised by Suffrage Science scheme, established to commemorate, promote and unite women across science and engineering.

The Suffrage Science scheme has recognised ten female scientists and a science communicator including Dr Pippa Goldschmidt, currently based within STIS. The women were chosen for their scientific achievements and their ability to inspire others.

Suffrage Spirit

The awards themselves are heirloom items of jewellery similar to those worn by the Suffragettes and are presented to the recipients on International Women’s Day. Helen Pankhurst, great granddaughter of Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst and long-standing supporter of the scheme, said:

"Women scientists can put their mark on the world in a new way that affects change in a more gendered way."

Award Winners

Dr Goldschmidt is a science writer with a PhD in astronomy from the University of Edinburgh. More recently, she has worked with the University as Writer-in-Residence at the Genomics Forum and is now an honorary visiting fellow within Science, Technology and Innovation Studies.

Currently working on a historical novel about the physicist Schrodinger, Dr Goldschmidt is able to gain inspiration for future writing projects by interacting with our staff and students. She will also be hosting a writing workshop for postgraduate students in April 2016.

For further details on the Suffrage Science scheme please visit

To find out more about Pippa Goldschmidt’s writing, please visit

2016 Winners

Dr Pippa Goldschmidt, University of Edinburgh
Professor Catherina Becker, University of Edinburgh
Dr Lori Passmore, MRC-LMB, Cambridge
Dr Michelle James, Stanford University, America
Dr Airlie McCoy, University of Cambridge 
Dr Deborah Bourchis, Institute Curie, Paris, 
Professor Marja Jäätelä, Danish Cancer Society Research Centre
Professor Corinne Houart, King’s College London
Professor Kia Nobre, University of Oxford
Dr Urania Clark, ICAHN School of Medicine, New York
Dr Sally John, Biogen Idec, Boston

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