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Dr Jamie Allinson Awarded Middle East Political Economy Book Prize

The Political Economy Project has awarded its inaugural Middle East Political Economy Book Prize to Dr Jamie Allinson for his book, The Struggle for the State in Jordan.

The prize is awarded to exceptional critical work on the political economy of the Middle East.

The Political Economy Project (PEP) remarked that Dr Allinson’s book deftly traces how British intervention in Jordan in the 1950s shaped primitive accumulation in the Transjordanian steppe, which then led to a distinct social base for the Hashemite regime.

The Struggle for the State in Jordan, the PEP added, also makes a unique contribution to understanding state formation in Jordan within wider regional and global power relations.

The book, it concluded, has significantly contributed to both analysis of the state of Jordan and the broader analysis of state building, economic development, and political economy in the Middle East.

To be eligible for this award, the selection committee sought nominations for books on political economy published between 2013-2015 from a range of publishers and across academic disciplines.

Further information

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Dr Allinson’s book, The Struggle for the State in Jordan, is available online.

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