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SPS Success in 2017 College Recognition Awards

SPS staff have been honoured in the 2017 College Recognition Awards, where prizes recognised the outstanding work of staff throughout the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science.

Our teams picked up three awards and were runners-up in a fourth, demonstrating success across four of the six award categories:

Most Effective University Community-building Initiative

Winners: The ground@cmb team: Head of School (Fiona Mackay); Head of IT and Infrastructure (Ian McNeil); HoS Executive Assistant (Gila Holliman); Director of Professional Services (Neil Willett ); Student Experience Officer (Sue Renton); SPS Estates Team (Megan Cruikshank, Heath Duffy, Brendan Boland); Café Manager and core team (Lucie Dlouha, Inma Sanchez, Varuna MateoBrull, Amanda Robitaille); Communications and Social Media (Paula Fleming ); CMB  Reception (Emily Blackledge); Events (Helen Frossling, Wezi Mhura, Gila Holliman).

Outstanding Leadership Award

Winner: Professor Ailsa Henderson (PIR - Leadership in Teaching)

Susan Manning Award for Outstanding Mentor

Winner: Professor Catherine Lyall (STIS)

Outstanding Contribution to Student Experience

Runners-Up: Dr Barbara Bompani and the Edinburgh MasterCard Scholars programme team: Johanna Holton (Programme Manager) Stephen Kaye (Student Development Officer) and Christine Rizou (Administrative Assistant).

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