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SPS professor to advise Government on migration

Professor Christina Boswell has been appointed to lead a panel advising the Scottish Government on migration.

Prof Boswell - from the University of Edinburgh's School of Social Political Science (SPS) - is to chair a group that will give independent expert advice to ministers on migration, population growth and demographic change. 

The Expert Advisory Group of Migration and Population will be a source of expertise on how policy choices regarding migration could impact areas of devolved responsibility in Scotland. 

Prof Boswell is the University's College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences' Dean of Research. Her research has focused on immigration and asylum policy, including on policy options after Brexit.  

She is also chair of the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s Working Group on Immigration and Diversity. 

Prof Boswell is joined in the group by experts from the James Hutton Institute and the universities of Stirling, Glasgow, and St Andrews.

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