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SPS Takes Leads EFI Inaugural Research Award

The Edinburgh Futures Institute has announced that five projects that will receive funding to pioneer new interdisciplinary research. Of those five, three of the winning project leads are based in Social and Political Science.

The awards aim to support interdisciplinary research that deals with issues around the economy, education and society.

The three winners from SPS are Deborah Scott, Research Fellow in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS), Kate Symons Career Development Fellow in the Centre for African Studies (CAS), and Jean-Benoît Falisse, a lecturer who is also based in CAS. 

They are joined by Benjamin Bach from informatics and Richard Harrison from the Business School.

The SPS projects will be: 

•  Deborah Scott – Can we develop narratives to guide Scotland’s scientific research, technical innovation, commercial development, and public policy relating to near- Earth orbit and outer space? Deborah’s project involves engaging with space scientists and engineers, social scientists of outer space, science fiction authors, and illustrators and challenges them to imagine together possible futures of Edinburgh and outer space.

•  Kate Symons – How can blockchain technology restore trust in sustainable development, aid and humanitarianism? Kate’s work is a collaboration between the Centre for African Studies, Design Informatics, Geosciences, and Social Anthropology to prototype new forms of blockchain technology to help people in Africa.

•  Jean-Benoît Falisse – How can community-level actors use ‘data abundance’ to improve basic social services in fragile and low-income settings? Jean-Benoît‘s work involves mapping out how communities and individuals, particularly in fragile contexts, can take advantage of the new possibilities that data provide for improving their outcomes.

The grants are for £5,000 and will support research which identifies new interdisciplinary questions that can be taken forward as part of EFI’s vision.

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