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Key QAE Contacts

School Director of Quality

Dr Daniel Kenealy (

Each School appoints a  School Director of Quality to provide effective leadership and support in the area of quality assurance and associated enhancement. They are responsible for developing, implementing, maintaining and reviewing quality assurance processes in the School, using these processes to inform enhancement and contribute to strategic developments in learning and teaching.

College Associate Dean for Quality

Dr Shereen Benjamin (

The Associate Dean (Quality Assurance and Enhancement) oversees the strategic and operational elements of Quality Assurance and Enhancement requiring strategic leadership and coordination. The work is carried out across the College and all its Schools, as well as with the many initiatives directed from the University.

College Academic Policy Officer for Quality and Enhancement

Mr Alastair Duthie (

The Academic Policy Officer supports the work of the College Quality Committee, serving as its secretary. He also supports the work of the 11 School Directors of Quality across the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciecnes.

Assistant Principal for Academic Standards and Quality Assurance

Professor Tina Harrison (

The Assistant Principal has oversight of the standards of the University’s academic awards, including compliance with the requirements of external professional and accrediting bodies, and for the implementation and continuous improvement of the University’s arrangements for ensuring the quality of its teaching. The Assistant Principal also leads for the University on Enhancement-led Institutional Reviews.

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