Community Engagement, Stakeholders and Media


Penny Fielding is the brain behind the annual Edinburgh Spy Week that brings together practitioners and academics, literature, film and expert talks on the topic of secrecy and spying through the ages.

Europen Security

Carmen Gebhard organised a workshop in the context of a special issue for European Security that brought contributors together with practitioner discussants in November 2016. The co-editors used the opportunity for a soft re-launch of Defence Studies of which PIR/CeSeR's Carmen Gebhard as well as Dr Simon J Smith (Staffordshire University) are the co-editor-in-chief from 2017 onwards.


Till Bachman wrote a piece for The Scotsman on the need to look at antibiotics again.

Human Rights

Nicola Perugini regularly writes about human rights and human shielding, for example for Al Jazeera, the Palestine Chronicle and other media outlets. He was recently hired (pro bono) by Gruppo di Volontariato Civile (GVC), one of the most prominent European NGOs active in Israel/Palestine, in order to evaluate the EU policies of humanitarian assistance in the Palestinian West Bank and write a policy paper (forthcoming) on the introduction of new human rights and development initiatives.


Carmen Gebhard works with military and non-governmental stakeholders involved in civilian protection programs in conflicts associated with religious differences.

Andrew Neal, Richard Brodie, Andrew Hom and Oliver Turner participated in a three-day continious professional development conference at Edinburgh Castle organised by the Ministry of Defence for learning development officers in December 2016. They shared their knowledge and analytical skill-set to widen the scope of the teaching personnel’s knowledge on various security issues and geographical areas, and improve their ability to place it within conceptual context. This conference was a great opportunity to promote community engagement and strengthen the ties between two sets of security experts: security practitioners and security researchers.


Andrew Neal was quoted in a 2017 Sunday Herald piece on Scotland being no more or less safe than the rest of the UK.


Andrea Birsdall and Andy Hom took part in a 'Glasgow-FCO Knowledge Exchange workshop on 'International Law and Global Security' at The University of Glasgow, on November 2017. The workshop brought together members of the regional academic communitty and the FCO to examine together lessons and implications of the Syrian conflict for international law, policy and practice, with a particular focus on the use of force and the law of armed conflict.

Jamie Allinson was invited as an external speaker to the launch workshop of the project ‘Revolutions and Contentious Politics in the Middle East and North Africa’, by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Berlin, on March 2018.