Community Engagement

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Community Engagement and Stakeholders

Carmen Gebhard works with military and non-governmental stakeholders involved in civilian protection programs in conflicts associated with religious differences.


Andrew Neal, Richard Brodie, Andrew Hom and Oliver Turner participated in a three-day continious professional development conference at Edinburgh Castle organised by the Ministry of Defence for learning development officers in December 2016. They shared their knowledge and analytical skill-set to widen the scope of the teaching personnel’s knowledge on various security issues and geographical areas, and improve their ability to place it within conceptual context. This conference was a great opportunity to promote community engagement and strengthen the ties between two sets of security experts: security practitioners and security researchers.

Carmen Gebhard organised a workshop in the context of a special issue for European Security that brought contributors together with practitioner discussants in November 2016. The co-editors used the opportunity for a soft re-launch of Defence Studies of which PIR/CeSeR's Dr Carmen Gebhard as well as Dr Simon J Smith (Staffordshire University) will be editor-in-chief from 2017 onwards.