CeSeR @ BISA: The Future of Interdisciplinary Security Studies

CeSeR @ BISA: The Future of Interdisciplinary Security Studies
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Date and Time
15th Jun 2016 17:30 - 15th Jun 2016 20:00
St Giles Room, Niddy Street entry, Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinburgh

CeSeR hosted a roundtable discussion on The Future of Interdisciplinary Security Studies at the annual conference of the British International Studies Association (BISA) followed by a reception co-sponsored with BISA and the British Journal of Politics and International Relations. 

Security research has been central to the discipline of international relations for many decades. Traditionally, IR understood security as a matter of high politics, war and diplomacy. However, the last 15 years have seen ‘security’ problematised across multiple academic disciplines, multiple areas of social, political and economic life, and multiple areas of government. CeSeR aims to create interdisciplinary links on emerging security research agendas in a real, practical, human sense. This raises a number of questions, which the roundtable will consider:

- What are the most important emerging areas of security research? 

- What concepts or understandings of ‘security’ are at work in different disciplines? 

- What challenges does the problematisation of ‘security’ present for genuine interdisciplinary research?

- What is gained or lost by thinking about technical, social or political problems in ‘security’ terms, as opposed to more neutral terminology?


Till Bachmann (Reader in Personalised Medicine in Infectious Diseases)

Penny Fielding (Grierson Chair of English, co-organiser of Edinburgh Spy Week)

Andy Kerr (Executive Director, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation)

Kami Vaniea (Lecturer in Cyber Security and Privacy)

Discussant: Stefan Elbe (Professor of International Relations and director of the Centre for Global Health Policy, Sussex)