Student-led CeSeR Discussion Group on Nuclear Weapons

Student-led CeSeR Discussion Group on Nuclear Weapons: Second student-led CeSeR Discussion of the semester
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13th Feb 2019 17:00 - 13th Feb 2019 19:00
Chrystal Macmillan Building - Room M1

The Cold War has been over for three decades now, but nuclear weapons remain an omnipresent issue in global politics. Recent tensions between China and India, or between North Korea and the USA, have brought issues of nuclear weapons back to the forefront of international discussions.

How have nuclear issues changed since 1991? Now, in the seventh decade of the nuclear era, are we more responsible nuclear stewards? Is nuclear disarmament a practical option or one that should be pursued? How should the world respond to the nuclear ambitions of states like North Korea or Iran? Is nonproliferation even a goal worth achieving?

CeSeR Discussion Groups are inter-disciplinary, university-wide discussion groups exploring different contemporary security issues. On our 13 of February seminar, we are excited to talk about contemporary issues pertaining to nuclear weapons.