Student-led CeSeR Discussion Group on Surveillance

Student-led CeSeR Discussion Group on Surveillance : Third student-led CeSeR Discussion of the semester
Speaker: Charless Raab # SPS; Speaker: Richard Jones # Law School
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Date and Time
13th Mar 2019 17:00 - 13th Mar 2019 19:00
Chrystal MacMillan Building Staff Room (6th floor)

Is it necessary to exchange privacy for security? Has expanded surveillance made us safer? Is there enough public oversight on government surveillance programs?

CeSeR Discussion Groups are inter-disciplinary, university-wide discussion groups exploring different contemporary security issues. On our 13 of March seminar, we are excited to talk about issues related to surveillance, security, and whether there is a trade-off between them. Professors Charles Raab and Richard Jones will be attending as resident experts on these matters.