Juliet Kaarbo

Julie is Professor of Foreign Policy. Her research focuses on political psychology, leadership and decision making, group dynamics, foreign policy analysis, foreign policy roles, and parliamentary political systems. Her areas of specialization include German, British, Israeli, Dutch, Japanese, Turkish, and U.S. foreign policy.

Kaarbo, J. (2018). Prime Minister leadership style and the role of Parliament in security policy, British Journal of Politics and International Relations.

Wagner, W., Herranz-Surralles, A., Kaarbo, J. and Ostermann, F. (2018). Party politics at the water's edge: Contestation of military operations in Europe, European Political Science Review.

Andrew Neal

Andrew is Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations. His research focuses on critical security studies, parliamentary security politics, political sociology, and the work of Michel Foucault in relation to critical security theory and methods. He has worked on UK, Scottish, Australian ad EU security governance and politics. 

Neal, A.W. (2019) Security as politics: beyond the state of exception, Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh.