Steering Group

Steering Group

Jamie Allinson

Decolonisation, historical sociology, IR, international theory, Marxism, Middle East politics.

Allinson, J. (2016) The Struggle for the State in Jordan: The Social Origins of Alliances in the Middle East, London: I.B. Tauris.

David Aspinall

Computer security (particularly proof-carrying code), type systems for specification and programming languages, proof development environments.

Till Bachmann

Rapid molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance targeting stratified medicines.

Andrea Birdsall

Human rights, IR, International Law and IR, humanitarian intervention, norms and counterterrorism.

Birdsall, A. (2018) Drone Warfare in Counterterrorism and Normative Change: US Policy and the Politics of International Law, Global Society.

Birsall, A. and Lang, Jr., AF. (2017) “The International Criminal Court and Global Constitutionalism”. in AF Lang, Jr & A Wiener (eds), Handbook on Global Constitutionalism. 1 edn, Edward Elgar.

Birdsall, A. (2009) The International Politics of Judicial Intervention: Creating a more just order London: Routledge.

Penny Fielding

Fiction and espionage from the French Revolution to the Cold War. Penny is interested in literature of both the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with a particular emphasis on Scottish writing.

Penny organises the annual Edinburgh Spy Week

Carmen Gebhard

European Union's Foreign and Security Policy, comparative European politics, small states, security and defence cooperation, inter-organisationalism.

Duke, S and Gebhard, C. (2017) 'The EU and NATO's dilemmas with Russia and prospects for deconfliction' European Security.

Gebhard, C. (2008) Unravelling the Baltic Sea Conundrum. Regionalism and European Integration Reconsidered. Baden-Baden: Nomos.

Andrew Hom

IR theory, just war theory, narratives, timing/time/temporality, international security, critical security studies, process/figurational sociology, disciplinary history.

Hom, A. (2018) Timing is Everything: Toward a Better Understanding of Time and International Politics, International Studies Quarterly.

Hom, A. (2017) Moral Victories: The Ethics of Winning Wars. Oxford University Press (with Kurt Mills and Cian O’Driscoll).

Richard Jones

Surveillance, security, police use of new technologies, policing and social media, cybercrime, cyber security, resilience, counter-terrorism, national security. 

Jones, R., Raab, C. and Szekely, I. (2018) Surveillance and resilience: Relationships, dynamics and consequences, Democracy and Security.

Jones, R. and Sparks, R. (2015) Punishment, London: Routledge.

Fabian Hilfrich

Fabian is Senior Lecturer in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology. His research focuses on the history of U.S. foreign relations in the 19th and 20th centuries. He is particularly interested in how culture and ideology impact on and manifest themselves in foreign policy and international relations. In this vein, he has already worked on the interaction of culturally constructed concepts such as gender, memory, nationalism, and emotions with foreign policy formation and rhetoric.

Matias Margulis

Matias Margulis is Lecturer in International Political Economy in the School of Social and Political Science. His research and teaching interests are in international trade, human rights and food security. He is a former Acting Co-Director of CeSeR.

Tom Molony

African elections, African security, African politics, Tanzania, Kenya, East Africa, Swahili, research methods in Africa, African informal economies, mobile phones in Africa, ICT in Africa, African studies, African history, African biography.

Baynham-Herd, Z., Redpath, S., Bunnefeld, N., Molony, T., & Keane, A. (2018) Conservation conflicts: Behavioural threats, frames, and intervention recommendations, Biological Conservation.

Nicola Perugini

Global justice, human rights, politics of human rights, humanitarianism, international law and IR, politics of the Middle East, political violence, postcolonial theory.

Perugini, N. and Gordon, N. (2017) Distinction and the ethics of violence: On the legal construction of liminal subjects and spaces, Antipode.

Recent publication: Perugini, N. and Gordon, N. (2015) The Human Right to Dominate, Oxford University Press.

Jan Pospisil

Political settlements, state fragility, peacebuilding and resilience in the wider context of security policy and international relations.

Pospisil, J. (2017). "Unsharing” sovereignty: g7+ and the politics of international statebuilding. International Affairs.

Charles Raab

Public policy, governance and regulation, information policy, privacy protection and public access to information, surveillance and security, identity and anonymity, information and systems in democratic politics, government and commerce, ethical and human rights implications in information processes.

Kosta, E., Fovino, I.N., Fischer-Hübner, S., Hansen, M., Raab, C., Sanchez, I. and Whitehouse, D. (2018), “The smart world revolution”. In M Hansen, E Kosta, I Nai-Fovino & S Fischer-Hübner (eds), Privacy and Identity Management: The Smart Revolution. IFIP AICT 526 edn, vol. 526, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, Springer New York LLC.

Elliot, M., O'Hara, K., Raab, C., et. al. (2018), Functional anonymisation: Personal data and the data environment, Computer Law & Security Review.

Jones, R., Raab, C. and Szekely, I. (2018) Surveillance and resilience: Relationships, dynamics and consequences, Democracy and Security.

Raab, C. (2017) 'Security, Privacy and Oversight', in A Neal (ed.), Security in a Small Nation: Scotland, Democracy, Politics, Open Book Publishers. Available open access.

Ewan Stein

Political Islam, Middle East politics, Arab political thought, Arab-Israeli conflict, state-society relations, IR of the Middle East.

Stein, E. and Kendall, E eds. (2015) Twenty-First Century Jihad: Law, Society and Military Action, London: IB Tauris.

Mathias Thaler

Genocide, global justice, humanitarian intervention, ideology, international theory, Marxism, multiculturalism, reconciliation, political forgiveness, democratic theory, political violence and non-violence, pragmatism, critical theory, just war theory.

Thaler, M. (2018). Naming Violence: A Critical Theory of Genocide, Torture, and Terrorism. Columbia University Press.

Thaler, M. and Mihai, M. (2017), Political Violence and the Imagination: An Introduction, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy.

Thaler, M and Mihai, M. eds (2014) On the Uses and Abuses of Political Apologies. Basingstoke/New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Oliver Turner

US politics, US foreign policy, US-China-Asia relations, British foreign policy in Asia, critical geopolitics, international relations of East and South-East Asia, decolonisation.

Turner, O. (2014) American Images of China: Identity, Power, PolicyLondon: Routledge.