The Islands and Unions Network: Canada as a Union

Event Name The Islands and Unions Network: Canada as a Union
Start Date 4th Dec 2018 10:00am
End Date 4th Dec 2018 5:00pm
Duration 7 hours

This event is co-hosted by the Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law and the Centre of Canadian Studies, University of Edinburgh.


The Islands and Unions Network is organizing a series of seminars on the theme of political, social and economic unions in the past, present and future. At this meeting, Canadian scholars will make presentations on aspects of Canada as a union. The discussion will be led by local scholars, linking the Canadian experience into the broader, comparative issues we have been discussing in other contexts.

Robin Boadway (Queen’s University), Economic Union

Discussant, David Bell (University of Stirling)

Antonia Maioni (McGill University), Social Union

Discussant, Nicola McEwen (University of Edinburgh)

Lori Thorlakson (University of Alberta), Political Competition and Union

Discussant Ailsa Henderson (University of Edinburgh)

Jean-Denis Garon (UQUAM), Fiscal and Spending Union

Discussant David Heald (University of Glasgow)

Jocelyn Létourneau (Laval University), Historical Understandings of Canada

Discussant Alvin Jackson (University of Edinburgh)