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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Research Student Profiles

Name PhD Title Research Interests Contact Information
Mark Adams Wellbeing and International Development: Policy, Practice and Outcomes amongst INGOs organizations and institutions,Institutions and institutional change,Participation,International development,power,Well-being,Faith-based organisations (FBOs)
Monalisa Adhikari Peacebuilding and political settlements in a post-liberal world: Case of Indian and Chinese engagements in Nepal and Myanmar Indian security and foreign policy,Chinese Foreign Policy,International peacebuilding,Fragile and conflict affected states,Political settlements,International Engagement,Emerging powers,Fragile States,South Asia,Nepal,Myanmar
Francisca Adom-Opare Monitoring and Evaluation,Data Disaggregation,Social Inclusion,Disability,Disablism,Disability Inclusion,Gender,Gender Mainstreaming,Mixed Methods,Qualitative Research Methods,Intersectionality
Ji-Eun Ahn How Do Candlelight Vigils Become Routinized in South Korea? : Repertoires and Cycles of Contention in Post-Democratic South Korea (working title) Social movements,Protest,Political Sociology,Democracy,Civil Society and Democratization,Qualitative research ,East Asian Studies
No Photo Maryam AlHajri Historical sociology,State formation,Memory politics,archival research,Feminist Theories and Research Practices,narrative & auto/biographical methodologies,the Arab Gulf states,Anti-colonial resistance,ethnography,Decolonisation
Talal Alkhadher Post-1967 secular trends in Egypt Middle East Politics,Arab political thought,Moderation Theory,Social movements,Secularism,Islamic political thought,Egypt,Arab Liberalism
Khuloud Alsaba Social Determinants of Health in Conflict and War: Militarization and Health in Syria Health Inequalities and Social Determinants of Health,Social Inequalities and Health,War and Conflicts,Public Health and Development Policy,Public Health in Conflict,Political Economy of Violence,Political Economy and Health,Feminist Theory,Gender-based Violence,Political Change and Health in the Arab World,Interdisciplinary Research,Theories of social power. Ideological power,Theories of Social Justice,Intersectionality and Inequalities 3. 16 Chrystal Macmillian
Mario Alvarado The limits of multiculturalism Multiculturalism,Political philosophy,Social theory,Critical theory,Interculturalism,Identity,Recognition,Political Plurality,Liberalism,Social cohesion 3.13 
+44 (0)752 654 5549
Joshua Anderson-Rose Navigating the Camp: Young People’s Everyday Experiences of Interventions in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi Refugee studies,Sovereignty,Childhood and Youth Studies,Malawi,refugee camps,Refugee Livelihoods,Refugee youth and displacement,everyday practices,human security,Human Geography
David Anderson Social Space, the Self, and Displacement in the Urban Environment; an ethnography of community and home in Soacha, Colombia Marginality,Processes of marginalisation,social exclusion,boundary making,social/moral norms and values,Migration,societal structure,urban sociology,Social change,refugees and displacement,social space  
+44 (0)7793 453 143
Dr. Joe Anderson Gun Culture,Gun Ownership,Embodiment and the anthropology of the body,California,National Belonging,San Diego,Phenomenology,United States,America,Anthropology of the United States,ethnography,Anthropology of ethics,gender Chrystal Macmillan Building
Amy Andrada Middle Class Mothers: The Case of Gatekeepers and Rebels Ideology,Norms,Narrative Inquiry,gender,national identity,Gender hierarchies,Quantitative Research,Kinship and motherhood,Exclusion,Self,Identity 3.08B 27/28 George Square 
+44 (0)753 926 9587
Dayana Ariffin  

Megan Arthur Philanthropy and child undernutrition in India: Understanding governance processes Global Health Policy,Global governance,Non-state actors,Public health,Social policy
Dena Arya Power in the peripheries: Youth non-mainstream political participation and economic inequality in the UK Britain,youth,austerity,political studies,Participation,Scotland,inequality  
07850 653 313
Camilo Ardila Arévalo Peace and conflict,Theories of democracy,Comparative constitutionalism,just war theory,ethics,Peace and reconciliation processes
Majdi Ashour Beyond Resilience in the Times of Despair: Changes in Out of Pocket Payments in the Gaza Strip. Health policy,Mixed methods,Public health,Gaza Strip,Health Systems Research,Households surveys,Health care seeking behaviours,Out of pocket payments,health systems in conflict affected areas,health care utilization,Epidemiology,In-depth Interviews,Life histories,Health Financing  
Global Public Health Policy
Thalia Thereza Assan Girlhood,Childhood and Youth Studies,Friendship,Activism,Political Participation,Ethnography,Creative Participatory Methods,Education
Rosalind Attenborough Scientific openness: a new epistemic virtue? open science,open data,open access,scientific publishing,ethos in science,epistemic virtue,disciplinary cultures,identity
Selma Augestad Feminism,Genocide,Humanitarian intervention,Norms,Agency,Post-conflict societies,Women and war,Gender & intersectionality,Social Justice,Transitional justice,Ethnicity & 'race' University of Edinburgh
Sebastien Bachelet Morocco,political anthropology,Human rights,Migration studies,illegality,advocacy,creative arts
Reza Bagheri Multiculturalism,Integration,national identity,Cultural Racism Room 6.13, Chrystal Macmillan Building
Jim Baker 'Suitable and Sufficient: UK Regulation of Post-construction Fire Safety I am interested in the sociology of fire safety, principally concentrating on the post-construction regulation of fire safety in the UK.
Gavin Barber Political parties,Comparative European Politics,Organisation Studies 3.12, Chrystal MacMillan Building
Salvatore FP Barillà EU external relations,European Union,China,EU-China,World Trade Organization,International Trade,foreign investment,Dispute Resolution,International Relations,International Political Economy,China and East Asia,ideas and foreign policy,International Law & International Relations,European Union Law,international dispute settlement
Aidan Barlow Political Temporaries in the Tanzanian Hydrocarbon Sector Political Economy of Oil,time and temporality,Tanzania,political geography,Political ecology,Global political economy,Extractive industries and resource governance,Politics of oil,natural gas,Resource Nationalism
Rodrigo Liscovsky Barrera Collaborate or perish: a multi-level social network analysis of scientific internationalisation in Latin America using a combination of methods in STS Social network analysis,scientometrics,bibliometrics,Science policy,Big data applied to social sciences,Sociology of indicators 1.61
Rachel Barry Understanding marijuana policy change in Uruguay: Towards policy coherence to regulate health-impacting commodities? Global health governance,drug governance,policy dynamics,policy coherence,lesson drawing,policy transfer and translation,low and middle income countries,Interactions between research evidence and public policy,frame theory,health policy,drug policy reform
Kath Bassett Digital Sociology,Locative Media,Mobilities,Affect and Emotions,Qualitative Research,Space and Place,New Media Ontologies,Power and Subjectivation,Algorithmic Culture,Queer Theory,work and labour,digital labour,Geoweb,tourism G.11 
+44 (0) 749 867 3281
Fabio Battaglia To GDP or not to GDP? Identifying the factors that promote and inhibit the use and influence of measures of progress and well-being in Scottish and Italian policy-making. Quality of Life,Well-being,Economic Growth and Quality of Life,The Politics and Philosophy of Wellbeing,Democracy and Social Indicators,The Philosophy of Taxation,The Philosophy of Citizenship and Statehood
Francesca Batzella Faithful agent or independent actor? The European Commission in the external dimension of EU Energy Policy European Union,European Integration,EU Energy Policy,EU external relations,European Commission,Academic teaching
Katherine Baxter Childhood, Livelihoods and Everyday Choices: An Ethnography of the Lived Experience of the ‘Global Schooling Project’ in Nepal Education and social change,Sociology of Knowledge,Sustainability,Sociology of Sustainability, Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Education, Education for Sustainable Development,Alternative epistemologies,Knowledge production and practices,Nepal and the Himalaya,international development,the sociology of development and aid practices,Childhood and Youth Studies,refugees and displacement Chrystal Macmillan Building Rm 4.16 
+44 (0)784 509 2651;
Yirmeyâhû Arturo Delano Beckles African/Africana philosophy,Visual Culture,Forgiveness,Popular Culture,Motherhood,Feminism,Philosophical Anthropology,Politics of Skin,Feminist Film Theory,Gendered Sexuality,Queer Anthropology,Theatre Anthropology,Afro-pessimism,History of Film,Black Jews,Deconstruction,Equine-assisted therapy,Subalternity,Black Masculinity,Haute Couture,Surrealism,Transatlantic Slavery,Modern Slavery,Innovation,Journalism,Poetics,Opera,République du Sénégal,République d'Haïti,African Diaspora
Emilia Belknap Feminizing the Gender Gap: A Feminist Approach to Understanding Gender Gaps in Support of Independence Voting Behaviour,Electoral and Referendum behaviour,Devolution and constitutional change in the UK,Feminist Theory,Gender and Politics,Feminism,Feminist Theories and Research Practices,Political Behaviour,Mixed methods,Quantitative Methods,Qualitative Methods,Experimental Methodologies,Surveys,Focus Groups,Gender Theory G.10
Francesco Bertoldi Territorial politics,Elections,Ethnic conflict,Northern Ireland,Power-sharing agreements,Electoral Systems in Divided Societies,Identity Politics,Social Identity Theory,Discourse Analysis,Ethnicity and Identity
Alessio Bertolini Social Disadvantages among Temporary Agency Workers: UK and Italy Compared welfare systems,social exclusion,Subjective well-being,Social Inequality,Labour Market,Employment policy,Work & Labour,Social Policy
Imogen Bevan “Do you take sugar?” Value, consumption, and sugar politics in Scotland Medical Anthropology,Kinship and relatedness,Scotland,Anthropology of food,Anthropology of Britain,Food Studies,sociology of food,Family and kinship,tobacco,Smoking 2.45
Sif Beyer-Hunt The influence of the populist radical right on centre-right parties' welfare policies. Welfare states,Welfare reform politics,Centre-right parties,Populism,Radical right parties,Britain
No Photo Heather Blenkinsop Stories from the Wall: The Making and Remaking of Localism Memory, identity,Britain,Historical sociology,Research methods,Narrative Inquiry,Legends,Community Belonging,Interdisciplinary Research,Mythology and folklore,Myth and storytelling Rm 6.12 Chrystal MacMillan Building
Clayton Boeyink The Politics and Practices of Self-Reliance in and around Refugee Camps in Western Tanzania Refugee studies,Cash Transfers,Refugee Livelihoods,Tanzania,refugee camps,labour migrants,trifurcated state
Théo Bourgeron pharmaceutical prices,lobbying groups,financial sector,private equity,UK politics,impact investing,hegemonic masculinity in finance,Brexit,opacity in pharmaceutical markets
Kate Bowell "Narratives on Display: The History of Science and Technology Exhibit Labels at National Museums Scotland" History of museums,Museology,History of science and technology,Exhibit labels,History of exhibitions,Narratives of science and technology,Museum learning
Benedikt Buechel Political Theory,The Ethics of Migration,Statelessness,Human Rights,Sovereignty,Territorial Rights,Self-Determination,Feminist Theory
No Photo Sophie Buijsen Knowing Sex: A qualitative study of the knowledge practices and experiences of teenage girls in Scotland and the Netherlands. sex,Sexuality,Sex & Gender,Knowledge production,Girlhood
Marina Fernández-Buil Anthropology of History,Anthropology of the Senses,Ethnomusicology,Historicity,Temporality,Embodiment,Performing Arts,Politics of Space,Memory,Cultural Rights,Social and Inter-religious Conflict,Decolonization,Heritage Regimes,Politics of Representation and Knowledge Production,Collaborative Ethnography,Western Rajasthan,South and Central Asia
Yuji Shimohira Calvo Retrieving Class: A Sociological Analysis of Political Participation in Europe in Times of Economic Crisis Political participation,Critical sociology,Social stratification,Quantitative analysis  
+44 (0)783 574 7499
Kirsten Campbell Impacts and implications of energy access on rural communities in East India Technology and society,sustainable development,Sustainability,renewable energy,India
Lorenzo Canepari Social memory,Families,Nationalism,Ethnicity,Regionalism,Italy,Balkans,Qualitative research,Comparative constitutionalism  
Canglong Wang (王苍龙) The making of the Confucian individual: Morality, subjectification, and classical schooling in China Chinese citizenship,Confucianism,National and cultural identity,Classical education in China,Schooling ethnography,Foucault,self-moralisation,Individualisation of Chinese society,governmentality in China,digital culture  
Christopher Cannell Nationalism in Delhi Nationalism,Democracy,South Asia,Delhi,Capital Cities,Federalism
Megan Harrington The Sweet Life: an Ethnography of Sugar and Development in Malawi's Lower Shire Valley International Development,Gender and Development,Agriculture and Development,Livelihood,Labour,Land,Agribusiness,Global Value Chains,Global Production Networks,Rural Economy,Rural Development,Political Economy of Agriculture,Political Economy of International Development,Feminisms in Development and Economics,Ethnography,Anthropology,African Studies,Africa,Malawi,Sugar,Feminist Research,Decolonising approaches,Intersectionality Chrystal Macmillan Building;
Javier Carbonell The Politicization of ‘Anti-nationalism’: How are Responses to the Rise of Nationalism Being Articulated? Europeanization,nationalism,Regionalism,Political parties,Inequality
Rachel Carlile Resisting and reshaping neoliberal food systems: an ethnographic study of agroecology and rural development in Chiapas, Mexico. Agriculture and the politics of food,Agroecology,Mexico,Postcolonial theory,Social movements,Ethnography,Rural Development,Alternative (food) economies
Tatiana Cary Private Philanthropy and Inequalities: understanding accountability and power in gender and development financing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),Gender and Development,Accountability,Public-private partnerships,Intersectionality and Inequalities,Feminist theory/research,Philanthropy,Governance,governance
Dylan Cassar Economic Sociology,Social Studies of Finance,Science and technology studies,Global financial markets,Central Banking,Government bond markets,Sociology of Knowledge,Political economy Room 5.16
Benedetta Catanzariti Coding the Face: Design Process and Social Dynamics of AI Emotion Recognition Technology (working title) Sociology of knowledge and science,artificial emotional intelligence,feminist studies,AI ethics,critical data studies,ethnography of algorithms,Data Justice 1.60
Kevin Zapata Celestino From PROGRESA to PROSPERA: Explaining change and stability in the Mexican social policy Institutions and institutional change,conditional cash transfers,Mexican social policy,Mexican politics,poverty,Welfare reform politics,Welfare states,political elites,Social Policy,Policy change 2.45 
+44 (0)737 672 3809
Lee Chalmers How online vitriol shapes women’s engagement in feminist activism/argument in the UK
 Feminism,Political representation,Cybermisogyny,Public life,Gender,Gender theory,Trolling,Feminist Theory,Sociology The Chrystal MacMillan Building
Shirley-Pat Chamberlain Canada,citizenship,abjection,civil society,civil society organizations,social citizenship,Indigenous Peoples,place,space,power,Ethnicity & 'race',class,critical theory,interrelation,decolonization,marginalization,Gender,settler colonialism
Thomas Charman The Discursive Construction of Sexual Violence against Men in Conflict: A Discourse-Theoretical Analysis of NGO and International Legal Documents Gender,gender and international relations,gender based violence,sexual violence,Gender and conflict,Masculinities,Militarised Masculinities,Sexual violence against men,Feminism,Poststructuralism,Discourse Analysis,Frame Analysis Rm 3.14, Chrystal MacMillan Building,
Eric Zhong Chen Rm 6.13 
+44 (0)7738714688
Kitty Chou Counterterrorism,Terrorism,Political violence,political psychology,Research Ethics,qualitative and mixed methods research projects using in-depth interviews West Wing 
+44 (0) 744 951 4023
Kamya Choudhary Contemporary Agriculture and Sustainability: Navigating the Impact of Solar-Powered Irrigation Pumps in Rural India Sustainable Development,Irrigation,Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods,Gender and Development,Protected Cultivation,International Development,Ethnography,Rajasthan,Solar Pump  

Christina Dineen Contemporary political theory,Political philosophy,Applied ethics,Ethics and morality,Resource allocation,Well-being,Bioethics  
Doctoral Researcher
Ashlee Christoffersen The politics of intersectional practice Intersectionality,Equality policy,Race/ethnicity,gender,Sexuality,Practice,Third sector,feminism,reflexivity 2.43
Taya Collyer Health Inequalities Research: The Tribe and the Territory Sociology of Science,history of statistics,statistics,data management Chrystal MacMillan Building
Joseph Conrad Climate Justice and the Corporation as a Moral Agent climate justice,corporate ethics,collective agency,social ontology,political theory,moral philosophy,environmental ethics,sustainability
Yazmin Morlet Corti privacy,online privacy,Cyberspace as political space,Political Culture,public policy,Comparative Politics,Big Data Analytics,Science and technology,data protection,behaviour,attitudes,Quantitative Analysis,policy preferences
Anna Couturier Google Search and the Mediation of Knowledge on Treatments: A Case Study on Unproven Stem Cell Treatments Science and technology,Stem Cells,Digital methods,Critical Digital Health Studies,Platform Politics,Algorithmic Governance,energy security
Fiona Coyle Mitigating Modification: Understanding the Societal and Ethical Implications of the Regulation of New and Emerging Biomedical Technologies in the UK Context 2006-2018 Science and technology studies,Medical sociology,Regulation of Medical Devices,Genome-editing ,Mitochondrial Donation,NEST Ethics ,Techno-Moral Change ,Public health,Health policy,Assisted Reproductive Technologies,Biomedical knowledge(s), practices and technologies G10
Elisabeth Cuénod Being queer on Tumblr: The emergence of privileged discourses among queer Tumblr users Feminism,Youth,Technology and society,Sexuality,Social media and internet technologies,Internet research,Tumblr,Asexuality,LGBT studies,Identity,Boundary work,Gender,Intersectionality,Digital Sociology,Digital Culture,Queer Chrystal Macmillan Building 
+44 (0)7443 773228
Arek Dakessian Casting Nets and Framing Films: an Ethnography of Networks of Cultural Production in Beirut Cultural Production,Creative Industries,Cities,Beirut,Ethnography,Social Network Analysis,Networks of Cultural Production,Distinction,Taste,Material Culture,Materiality,colonialism and imperialism Chrystal Macmillan Building, School of Social and Political Sciences 
+44 (0)7447 509 109
Anjali Dalal Agricultural transitions and sustainability: A study of farmers' perspectives in rural North West India Environment,Social movements,Sustainability,ethnography,Migration and development,science and indigenous knowledge,India,agrarian change
Daniel Cetrà Nations and Nationalism,comparative territorial politics,Political Liberalism and Minority Rights,The Politics of Language,Catalonia  
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No Photo Alexandria Davenport To What Extent Do LGBTQ+ Audiences Queer Scripted Television Programming? Gender and Sexuality,Feminist Theory,Queer Theory,LGBT studies,Media,Transgender,MOGAI  
44 (0)7463 486464
Cleo Davies “Instrumentalism, Power Maximisation, or Legitimation? Understanding the European Commission’s Response to the Global Financial Crisis, 2008-10” International Organisations,European studies,The politics of financial market supervision and regulation,International Political Economy Graduate office - Chrystal Macmillan Building
No Photo Kali Dedominicis Online media fandom and the construction of virtual community media fandom,Qualitative Research Methods,Discourse Theory,internet research methods,community,Documents of Life,Sociology of technology,Technology and society,Discourse, practice and sociological theories and methods,Media and society,new media,Media anthropology,popular culture,digital culture
Ellen Frank Delgado Measuring Inclusion Beyond Diversity: A New Methodology in Computational Social Science Social Inclusion,Inequality & diversity,Organisation Studies,Social network analysis,natural language processing,Computational Social Science
Eeke Dix The Future Success of Multiculturalism: national identity perceptions and citizenship in the Netherlands Multiculturalism,nationalism,national identity Room 6.13
Kathy Dodworth NGO legitimation as practice: crafting political space in Tanzania Theories of Legitimacy,Social capital,Foucault,state-society relations,NGOs and Development,Non-state actors,Bourdieu,Ethnography,Tanzania,African studies 2.14 Chrystal Macmillan Building
Andrés Domínguez Hernández Distributed infrastructuring and innovation: An ethnographic enquiry into collaborative modes of work in an internet of things ecosystem Social Shaping of Internet and Society,Internet Studies,Internet of Things,Users,Innovation Studies,Ethics and Governance of IoT,Responsibility,Responsible Innovation,Platform Society,Decolonisation,co-production and collaboration,Information Infrastructure Studies,digital platforms,data infrastructures,Decentralisation 1.61 
+44 (0) 1316514274
Megan Douglas International development,Humanitarian intervention,ethnography,Migration and development,Refugee studies,Forced displacement,gender,Democratic Republic of Congo,Kenya,Informal livelihoods,informal settlements
Carol Duncan Child protection,Looked After Children,Family support,Birth family contact,Children's Hearings System,Decision-making  

Eva Duncanson Feminism,Sex Work,Digital Sociology,Sex & Gender,Intimate Relationships,Intimacy,Online Relationships,Affordances,Co-presence,Violence Against Women
Nikki Dunne Intersecting Biographies of Care: Indian migrant nurses in a globalising care economy care chains,gender,Migrant work,transnational families,Transnational caregiving,Globalization,Qualitative Research Methods,Intersectionality,Inequality in the labour market
No Photo Nathalie Dupin The Influence of Interdisciplinary Training on the Next Generation of Scientists Britain,ethnography,Institutions and institutional change,organizations and institutions,Technology and society,Knowledge,Higher Education,Interdisciplinarity,Expertise,Embodiement,Educational policy,Universities,Interdisciplinary collaborations
Natasha Dyer-Williams Exploring women's experiences of xenophobia and belonging: a creative ethnography in Johannesburg and London Migration studies,International development,Arts-Based Research Methods,feminist methodologies,ethnography,Storytelling and narrative,UK,South Africa,socio-anthropology,Social psychology,Decolonisation
Leah Eades medical anthropology,politics of reproduction,gender,social movements,medico-legal nexuses,authoritative and contested knowledge  

leah.eades [@]
Sergio Orozco-Echeverri How do planets find their way? Laws of nature and the transformations of knowledge in the scientific revolution History of science,Intellectual History of Science,Colonial/imperial history
Friedrich Eierdanz Sociology of Sport,Cognitive Anthropology,Grounded Theory,Sociology of Knowledge,economic sociology,organizations and institutions Rm. 6.12 Chrystal MacMillan Building 

Eirik Magnus Fuglestad Propertied communities; the realization of national sovereignty in the US and Norway nationalism,State formation,Capitalism and its critics,power (domination,authority,legitimacy)
Lauren Engels Kenya,Political Economy,International Development,East Africa,Used Clothing,Second-Hand Clothing,Fashion,Kenyan Fashion
Angelo Ercia Improving health care access for low-income patients in a mixed insurance market: Investigating the impact of the U.S.’s Affordable Care Act on Federally Qualified Health Centers minority rights,Health policy,Politics of health,Social Policy,statistical analysis,Health Systems Research,Mixed methods,Quantitative Research,qualitative research,Public health,Health Promotion,Global Health Policy,Evidence-based public health,HIV/AIDS,Health systems,Philippines,Sexual Health,Mental Health,Health Insurance,Public Health Practice and Policy,health inequalities and the social determinants of health,policy responses to health inequalities,social justice,Community based research,LGBT,Health Behaviour
Bianca Luna Fabris The trade unions, the left(s) and the unemployed: the politics of unemployment protection in Belgium, France and Italy. Labour Market,politics,comparative social policy,trade unions,Radical left,Leftism
Adrian Favero The Role of Polish Cities in Shaping Attitudes of Urban, Educated Youth towards European Integration European Union,Urban Governance,Return / transnational migration,Europeanisation and Globalisation,Central Eastern Europe
Nichole Fernandez Visualizing Croatia: National identity, advertising, and tourism in the European Union National Identity,Visual Sociology,European Union,Postnationalism,Return / transnational migration,tourism,nation branding,Nation Branding,postmodernity,Digital Cultures,Environmental Sociology Room 6.12
Ricardo Ribeiro Ferreira Journalism and democracy,Media Capture,Disinformation,Populism,State-media relations,Social media and politics,Brazil
J. Antonio Ballesteros Figueroa Constructing Imperfect Worlds Through Mundanity: Measuring and Forecasting Environmental Issues Science and technology studies,Environmental Sociology,Policy Indicators,Democracy and Social Indicators,The politics of transparency and accountability,Sociology of Knowledge,sociology of scientific knowledge 1.04
Louis Fletcher
No Photo Natalie Forster
Joséphine Foucher artivism,Cuba,subjectivity,Aesthetic experiences,Political Sociology,ethnography,Digital ethnography
Kay Fretwell
Isabella Gabrovsky Exile or Refuge?: Comparing Attitudes towards National Identity and Immigration Through the Experiences of Syrian Refugees in England and Scotland Britain,ethnography,identity politics,Migration and development,minority rights,Multiculturalism,nationalism,Policy,National Identity 1.06
Vassilis Galanos Towards an Empirical Investigation of Expectations in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Avoiding Pitfalls of Polarised Foresight [susceptible to change] Expertise,Sociology of expectations and futures,Artificial Intelligence and Robotics,digital media,Digital Cultures,Social Informatics and Innovation,Sociocybernetics,cybernetics,Media and society,media studies,Information Society Theories,Library and Information Science,expert studies,Science and technology studies 1.63 
+44 (0) 750 688 7026
Gilberto Galeazzi The Spirit of Caprera: an Ethnographic Analysis of Sailing ethnography,organizations and institutions,Ritual,authority,culture,Qualitative Research Methods,Sociology of Sport,Identity,Power (domination,legitimacy),time,subculture Room 3.15, Chrystal Macmillan Building
İdil Galip Niche-Memes on Instagram Digital Sociology,Digital Social Research,Instagram,Entrepreneurship,Subcultures,Online Communities,New Media,Memes,Niche-Memes,Algorithmic Culture,Art Worlds,Content Creation,Reflexivity,Digital Folklore  
+44 (0) 7732 425 410
Elisa Gambino China,Kenya,political economy,Human Geography,East Africa,infrastructure,Chinese ODIs,China-Africa,Belt and Road Initiative,Transport corridors 1.05E;
Sambhavi Ganesh Personal/Political: Studying the lives of Brahmin women in 20th century south India Caste,Gender,Auto/Biography,Tamil Nadu,Sociology of families,households and domestic life  
+44 (0)7502 075377
Alex Gapud (Working Title): 'Historicities of Colonialism and the Slave Trade in Bristol" Memory,identity,England,Post-imperialism,Materiality,Politics of Memory,Past-presencing,Historical consciousness,heritage,colonial aphasia,Silence,Metropolitan Postcolonial Memory Chrystal Macmillan Building 
+44(0)7580 268376
Johan Gordillo-García Social movements led by victims of violence in Mexico. The case of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity. Social movements,Power and resistance,Political participation,Protest,Human rights,Political Sociology,Social Violence,Theories of social power,Mexico,Victims of violence
Grace Garland Irresponsible doubt: A dilemma for environmentalism now Environment,Bioethics and concepts of nature,Feminist ethics,Contemporary political theory,social epistemology,Epistemic emotions,Ideal and nonideal theory,Climate justice,Climate ethics,Environmental philosophy
Barbara Gaweda No country for losers? Gender, (in)equality, and the discursive construction of subjects and values in Polish politics gender,post-communism,post-Soviet politics,Central Eastern Europe,Feminism,Feminist institutionalism,Ukraine,Discourse Theory,Feminist Research,Postcolonialism,Europeanization,nationalism,Inequality,Feminist theory/research,Sexuality,discourse analysis,Gender & intersectionality
Joe Gazeley Mali,Foreign Policy Analysis,European Security,French Postcolonial Relations,State Formation,Political History
Poppy Gerrard-Abbott Sexual and Gender-Based Violence,Criminal Justice,Feminist Research,Gender and Sexuality,Gender Policy
Alysa Ghose Feminism,gender,Religious Identity,Witchcraft,femininity and masculinity,Intersectionality,spirits and the dead,Cuba,Latin America and the Caribbean,Power (domination,authority,legitimacy),personhood,ontology,spiritual development,intergenerational relationships,Kinship,knowledge production,empathy,intuition,African diaspora religions,embodiment and materiality,race Room 5.13, Chrystal Macmillan Building
Olivia Gieskes China,Development and Humanitarian Aid,Gender,Human Security in Africa,Medical Anthropology,Postcolonial Theory,Practice Theory,Sino-African relations,South-South cooperation
Victor Gigleux International Relations,Small States,European studies,International peace-keeping operations,EU external relations,Role Theory,Foreign Policy Analysis Chrystal Macmillan Building 
Sarah Golightley Mad Studies,Anti-Oppressive Social Work Practice,Social Policy,Domestic Abuse,Feminism,Intersectionality,Peer research,Peer Support,Homelessness,Disability Studies,Queer Studies,Trans Studies,Qualitative Research Methods,Critical Pedagogy,Service User Research,Global Mental Health  

Sarah.Golightley [at]
Owais Golra Understanding the Learning and Innovation in Textile Sector in Pakistan  

José David Gómez Urrego Time, Expectations and the Future in Action in Ecuador's Yachay Sociology of knowledge and science,time and temporality,Sociology of expectations and futures,Technology and society,Ecuador,Social cognition of self and others,sociotechnical system change,oral history 1.04 
Omar Alejandro Loera Mexico,Foreign Policy,Domestic sources of Foreign Policy,Geopolitics,Mexico-U.S. relations,Autonomy in Foreign Policy,the structure/agency problem,Role Theory 1.06 
+44 7712128579
Chandreyee Goswami Friendships,Social Relationships,gender and intersectionality,Anthropology of emotions,Material Culture,Higher Education,Social Anthropology of Youth,Relatedness,Social Capital,Agency and Social mobility,Feminist Ethnography,Sociality and Everyday life,Northeast India
Grace O'Donovan Eco-spatial Materialities of Inequality: A critical socio-ecological narrative and ‘object-based’ exploration of food, water and livelihoods (with disenfranchised residents of the Western Cape, South Africa) Political Ecology,Food Sovereignty,Water Sovereignty,Sustainable Livelihoods,Informal Economies,Spatial Geography,Urban Geography,Political Economy,Climate Change,Eco-Feminism,Intersectionality and Inequalities,South Africa,Arts-Based Research Methods,Storytelling and ethnography,Decolonial Studies,Transdiscplinary Research,Indigenous Epistemologies,Community-Based Participatory Research
Dominique L. Green Reconsidering Disadvantage in the United States: An Application of Social Exclusion to 'big' American Data Participation,Policy,Social capital,Inequality,USA,Quantitative Methods,statistical analysis,poverty,Social Policy Room 3.13, Chrystal Macmillan Building
Neelabh Gupta Atheism,digital media,Media anthropology,Anthropology of (non-)religion,Visual Culture
No Photo John Hagström Anthropology of non-religion,Secular humanism,Atheism,Secularism and secularity,Ethics and morality  

Alice Hague Faithful advocates: Faith communities and environmental activism in Scotland. Environment,Climate change,community activism,faith-based activism,advocacy,mobilisation,environmental politics,environmental ethics,UK,USA,Sweden  

Rania Hamad How and why hate crime occurs: exploring the accounts of people convicted of hate crime in Scotland Criminal Justice,Hate Crime,Prejudice,Restorative Justice,Effective Interventions,Gender and Crime,Criminology,Social Work practice,Balance of power
Maythe S.-W. Han 'Not just a dog': economies and ecologies of multispecies kinship between dogs and their humans (working title) kinship,ecology,ecological anthropology,experimental research,visual anthropology,materiality,material culture,critical theory,linguistic anthropology,storytelling,experimental methodologies,friendship,relatedness,dogs,multispecies anthropology,more-than-human ethnography,critical whiteness studies
Mary Hanlon Fashioning Power: Stakeholder strategies in transnational fashion and apparel activist networks post-Rana Plaza Work & Labour,Sociology of Fashion,Global Value Chains,Consumption,Fashion Theory,Consumer-based Activism,Education,Online Learning,Sustainability,Global Apparel Production,Creative Commons & Open Source,Food,Digital Narratives,Bangladesh Chrystal Macmillan Building
Jillian Hart Is methodological innovation superficially attractive but challenging in practice? methodological innovations,Research methods,Qualitative Research Methods,Research Ethics,reflexivity in research,Network Mapping,virtual/online methods,narrative and autobiographical methodologies,Interdisciplinary Research,Research methodology,Research methods and methodological innovations,participatory design,Social network analysis,Participatory Mapping,reflexive sociology
Barbara Haward Telegraphists' Cramp: the emergence and disappearance of an occupational disease between 1875 and 1930.,
Andi Haxhiu Nationalism,Museum Studies,National Narratives,Historiography,Transitional justice,Cultural Sociology,Museums and Performativity,History and Memory,Collective memory,Social Memory and Remembrance  
Arjen van der Heide Social Studies of Finance,Economic Sociology,Insurance markets,Science and technology studies,Financial regulation,Sociology of Quantification,Political Economy,Life Insurance,Sociology of Knowledge
No Photo Philipp Heinrich Fridge Experiments: Exploring the relationship between implicit attachment to the EU and trust European Identities, Public Attachment to the EU, Public Attitudes, Experimental Approaches
Chad Lance Hemady Impact of maternal adverse childhood experiences on infant outcomes: Mediating role of teratogens Policy,Social Epidemiology,public health,Resilience,stress,Sexual and Gender Based Violence,Early intervention policy and practice,social work interventions
Tanja Hendriks Governance and Human Security: the state and everyday practices of governing in disaster relief interventions in Malawi Malawi,ethnography,Anthropology of the state,civil servants,disaster governance,relief interventions,Humanitarianism,Bureaucracy,everyday practices,Anthropology of development,state legitimacy,sovereignty,human security,Storytelling and ethnography,linguistic anthropology,Chichewa,time and temporality,emergency,crisis
Michael Heneise The life and landscape of dreams: personhood, reversibility, and agency among the Nagas in Northeast India Indigenous healing,personhood,vision,and the state,Cosmopolitics,Anthropology of dreaming,Biomedical knowledge(s),practices and technologies,Medical Anthropology,Himalaya,South Asia,Amazonia and Latin America,Sacred ecology Chrystal Macmillan Building 
+91 708 596 1330
Rebecca Hewer "Our (In)Ability to Speak": Interpretations and Representations of Prostitution in an English Policy Context Gender and crime,Feminism,Policy construction,Criminology,Sex Work,Sex & Gender,Critical Social and Political Theory,Neoliberalism,Discourse Theory,Ideology,Policy,Law and Regulation,Prostitution,Critical Discourse Analysis,Risk and vulnerability Chrystal MacMillan Building
Jessica E. Hewkin Politics of immigration,Policy construction,American politics/history/political development,Feminist Research
Justin Chun-ting Ho The Rise of Hong Kong Nationalism on the Edge of Empires Nationalism and National Identity,Hong Kong,China,Social media,text and data analytics,Computational Social Science,Discourse Analysis,Big data,Big Data Analytics,Big data applied to social sciences,Social network analysis
Sophia Hoffinger Human rights,Legal anthropology,Germany,Israeli-Palestinian conflict,Memory politics,Multiculturalism,Anti-colonial resistance,solidarity,Nationalism and National Identity,anti-racism,critical whiteness studies,anti-muslim racism,antisemitism,Critical race/ethnicity, racism
Lisa Howard Environment,Environmental Sociology,Sustainability,families,Social capital,Gender and parenting,Activism,Queer Theory,Feminist Theory
Rhys Howell Out at sea, out of mind? Understanding social responses to marine energy projects Sustainability,Social Impact Assessment,Marine planning,Community Development,Community energy,Marine energy,Social responses,Renewable energy,Participation
Zhexi Hu Perception of homosexuality (Oregon and Xi'an as two case studies) ethnography,IR and Middle East,gender,Globalization,Rebellion and civil war,Queer Theory,queerphobia,China
Michaela Hubmann After Ebola in Sierra Leone: Politics of Neglect and Governance Gaps in Health System Recovery Anthropology of Global Health,Medical Anthropology,Health systems and global health,Health systems strengthening,Politics of health,Public health,Global Health Policy,State building,Forms of Citizenship,New forms of Manageralism,Time,temporality & chronicity,Global and Public Health Governance 3.10
Christine Huebner Citizenship, young people and political engagement: How young people make sense of their role as citizens in Scotland and the Netherlands Citizenship,Political participation,Political identities and citizenship,Youth participation,Political Culture,Quantitative Methods,methodological innovations
Erin Hughes An American Atra? Boundaries of Diasporic Nation-Building Amongst Assyrians and Chaldeans in the United States Iraq and the Middle East,Diaspora,Migration & Transnationalism,Ethnic conflict,Nationalism,Ethnic and Racial Minorities,Statelessness,Boundary theory Chrystal Macmillan Building
No Photo Katie Ion Counter/surveillance & Protest: Watching and being watched at public demonstrations in Britain Qualitative Research Methods,Protest,Protest policing,Surveillance,ethnography,Social movements,Political Sociology,drug policy,intoxication,social change
Yukinori Iwaki Global Justice from Outside-the-Box Social and Political Theory,Political Philosophy,Global justice,poverty,Environment,labour,time,Climate change
Marc S. Jacob Elections,organizations and institutions,Political parties,Quantitative Research,Comparative Political Behavior
Patrick Jahnke Asset Manager Capitalism: The Causes and Consequences of the Re-Concentration of Shareholder Ownership Socially Responsible Investment (SRI),Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),International Political Economy,Stakeholder Theory,Financial Intermediation,Corporate Governance,Fiduciary Capitalism,Agency Theory,Shareholder Voting Rights Politics and International Relations 
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Camilo Jara-Villalobos Effectiveness of Freedom of Information Laws and Information Commissioners in the fight against corruption Administrative Law,Administrative Sanctions,Politics of transparency and accountability,Freedom of Information,Corruption and Anti-Corruption Studies,Information Commissioners,Quantitative Research Methods
Lisa Kalayji Collective Relationships & the Emotion Culture of Radical Feminism in Britain, 1983-1991 sociology of emotions,social movements,feminisms and feminist theory,Social theory,cultural studies,textual research methods 4.13
Marios Kampouris The Technological Field: An Alternative Understanding of Technological Transitions Sociology of technology,Innovation,Sustainability,Renewable Energy Systems,orientation and diversification of technological change,transition studies
Nikos Kanellopoulos The discursive construction of Higher Education policies in Greece during the crisis (2010-2015). Education governance,Educational policy discourses,Education and European integration,Europeanisation,Social Policy and the Eurozone Crisis,Critical Policy Analysis,Critical Discourse Studies,Critical Discourse Analysis,Cultural Political Economy,Critical Realism Chrystal MacMillan Building
Canan Nese Karahasan Exhibiting "Turkishness" at a Time of Flux in Turkey: Ethnography of the State Nationalism and National Identity,Secularism,Museums,Turkey,Islam,ethnography
Martina Karels Performing Remembrances of 9/11 Public Memory and Remembrance,Performance,Space,Visual Sociology,Politics of Memory,Qualitative Research Methods,Collaborative Methods,Participatory Methods,Arts-Based Research Methods,Archives Chrystal Macmillan Building
Juliet Wairimu Kariuki Mama Mboga: exploring the continuity of micro retailers of fresh fruit and vegetables in Nairobi, Kenya qualitative and mixed methods research projects using in-depth interviews,retail,International trade and development,Food provisioning systems Chrystal Macmillan Building
Beth Katz Social inclusion,Politics of immigration,Adaptation,Interdisciplinary research,Multi-level governance,Adaptive governance,Diversity,Inequality,Innovation,Immigration,Cross-sector collaboration,Coproduction,Mixed methods
Jaida Casakit Keaveney Middle East Politics,Iraq,State building,Sectarianism,health care systems,policy and interventions,Islamic political thought
Denisea Kennedy-Fernandez Sex Robots Among Us: Ethical and Feminist Issues Philosophy,Ethics,Feminist Theory,Social and Political Theory,Critical Theory,Science and Technology Studies,European and International Law,Human Rights
Lilian Kennedy, PhD ‘Still There’: Mediating personhood, temporality, and care in London Alzheimer’s Society support groups. Memory,Subjectivity and Personhood,Dementia,Care,Love,time and temporality,Family relationships,Kinship and relatedness,STS,GPS tracker technology,NHS,synchronicity
Thijs Keulen Critical Social and Political Theory,Democratic Theory,Work and Labour,Critical Phenomenology,Marxism,Power and Subjectivation,Capitalism and democracy
Courtney Kidd behavioural games,Digital games and social inclusion,video games,Military-Technical Change,Military Innovation,Mental Health,Empathy,Sociology of technology,sociology of emotions,Empathy and self-other identity,Group identity and social pain, empathy, and emotion
Jaehyun Kim Emotional Sociology,Sociology of Emotions,Intimacy,Love,Marriage and Intimate Relationships,Commercialisation,Emotions as commodities,Qualitative Research Methods,Ethnography
Marte Knudsen An Anthropology of Guns on the US Left Balance of power,Elections,ethnography,Ideology,organizations and institutions,Social movements,theories of global justice,Nation-state,USA,Social change,Inequality,Labour Market,Social Class,Grassroots Movements,political mobilization,Police Accountability,Guns,Leftism,Anthropology of the state,Identity and class culture  
Julius Kob Experimentality of Markets: Natural Disaster Risk Markets, Reinsurance and the Sociology of Catastrophe Modelling Social Studies of Finance,Science and technology studies,Historical sociology,Economic Sociology,ethnography,Reinsurance markets,Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) markets,Catastrophe Modelling,Risk Studies,Financial Markets,Sociology of Knowledge,infrastructure,epistemologies,Uncertainty,Climate change,Experimentation,Non-knowledge,Simulations,Organisation Studies,Anthropocene,sociomaterial disaster Chrystal Macmillan Building 
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Nicole Koenig 3.12
Marta Kowalewska feminisms and feminist theory,Roma activism,Intersectionality,Social movements,Critical methodologies,Nationalism,Critical Romani Studies,Knowledge production,Epistemic justice,Central Eastern Europe,Anti-Roma racism
Kragen, Ko-Kang, Chien actor-network theory,Science & technology studies,Economic Sociology,sociology of food,agro-food studies,Knowledge and practices
Dr Amelia Kuch Citizenship and Displacement: Naturalisation of Burundian refugees in Tanzania (2010-2017) Refugee studies,Migration,durable solutions,Citizenship,Mobility,Borderlands,Land Tenure Systems,Land governance,Urban development,International development,ethnography,Qualitative Research Methods,Tanzania,Burundi,Colombia 4.16 
Alexandra Scott International and Transgovernmental ​ Anti-Drug Law Enforcement Cooperation along the Northern Trafficking Route Drug Policy,Security Cooperation,The war on drugs,Politics of drugs and trafficking,Transnational Governance,Central Asia,Globalisation,Regionalism,Balance of power Rm 3.16, Crystal MacMillan Building
Anna Kuslits history of medicine,history of the body,museum studies,anatomical collections,Scottish Enlightenment,gender and Enlightenment thought,gender in the history of science, technology and medicine 1.63
José Tomás Labarca Sovereign Debt and Economic Policy: A Relational Sociology of Credit Relations Historical sociology,Economic Sociology,Political Sociology,Global political economy,Public Debt,Historical Institutionalism,Latin America,Comparative/Historical Sociology
Aerin Lai Intersectional Masculinities in Postcolonial Singapore Feminism,Decolonisation,Embodiment,Sociology of Gender,Gender and Sexuality,Masculinities
Hsinyen Lai Historical sociology,Gramsci and Marxist Theory,ideas and foreign policy,International Relations of the Middle East,the Gulf Arab states,the Arab Left,nationalism and capitalism,China's Middle Eastern policy 4.14
Maggie Laidlaw "Who's got time for that? The timely negotiations of women's civic engagement" Feminism,Participation,creative research methods,poetry,Innovative Research Methods,work and labour,Bodies,participatory research,co-production,volunteering,Women's livelihoods,Community Belonging,Community Development,co-production and collaboration,time and temporality,Social Inequalities in Leisure and Time-Use,Family relationship Rm 4.14 Chrystal Macmillan Building 
Yukti Lamba Children's Rights,Adult-child relations/interactions,Child protection,Children and Young People
No Photo Johannes Langer nationalism,Cultural Racism,Ethnicity & 'race',Populism,Immigration,Forced displacement
Ana Victoria Gaxiola Lazcano The Changing Party System in Mexico (1970-1988) Historical sociology,State building,Political Sociology,Latin America,Civil Society and Democratization,Democracy,Political parties
No Photo Yi-tao Lee Growing On-line with Daddy: Early Childhood on Taiwanese Father-run Baby Blogs Children and childhood,Childhood and Youth Studies,Internet research,Children's Rights,Sociology of technology,fathers and fatherhood
Rhodri Ivor Leng Citations Practices and the Shaping of Scientific Knowledge:Citation network analysis, selective citation, and the diet–heart paradigm. Sociology of Knowledge,Bias in Research,Quantitative Methods,Sociology of Scientific Knowledge,Social Network Analysis,Social and Public Policy,Evidence-based public health;
Suvi Lensu Gender and Sexuality,Social Anthropology,Visual Anthropology,Borderlands,Women's livelihoods,Cosmopolitanism,Feminist Research,Sex Work,LGBTQ,Rwanda,East Africa,Latin America
Claire Leppold Health Inequalities in Japan: Through the Lens of the Fukushima Disaster Global Health,Epidemiology,Mixed Methods,health inequalities and the social determinants of health,Disasters,Public health,Japan
Benjamin Leruth Differentiated Integration in the European Union: a Comparative Study of Government Preferences in Finland, Sweden and Norway European Integration,European Union,British Politics,Comparative Politics,Regionalism,Nordic Politics
Mareike Lührs  

Siqi Li  
Liliana Manzano Criminology,Crime prevention,Social exclusion and violence,Public policy,Quantitative Research,Neighborhood-effects,Multi-level modelling 3.13, Chrystal Macmillan Building
No Photo Andreas Lindemann Who decides who pays? - A comparison of the politics of wind power integration and network cost allocation in the North of Scotland and Schleswig-Holstein Energy Policy and Regulation,Energy transition
Sara Stewart - Lindores Women and Sectarianism in Scotland Sectarianism,Intersectionality,Sociology of the family and kinship,Equalities,Community Education,Inter-generational Research,feminist sociology,narrative & biographical methodologies,gender and religion,Whiteness Rm 5.13 
Yue Liu Power and law: state interactions in the South China Sea and the regional maritime order in the 21st century International Relations,Regional Security,International Law of the Sea,Maritime Disputes,Geopolitics,China and East Asia,Southeast Asia,International Order Transformation,US-China/Asia relations
Sulian Lizé The Risky Bet on Paddy Power: The Unexplained Non-Financialisation of the Rice Market International development,Rice Industry,International Political Economy,Political Economy of Finance,Agricultural Economics,Political Economy of Development,International Trade,Southeast Asian Studies,Rural Liverlihoods,Commodity Martkets,Futures Markets,Derivatives Markets,Risk-management,Coffee Trade,Sugar Trade,Wheat Trade,Anthropology of Finance,Sociology of Finance,Sustainable Development
Lillan Lommel gender,women and leadership,feminist identity,discrimination,reflexivity
Francesco S. Longo Sounding the Aural Border: Nzema Popular Music Scenes between Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire (working title)
Lucy Lowe Transnational Conceptions: Displacement, Maternity, and Onward Migration among Somalis in Nairobi, Kenya Refugee studies,Reproductive Health,Maternity,Medical Anthropology,Immigration and asylum policy,Humanitarianism,Legal anthropology,Somalia,Kenya,Urban anthropology,Fertility  

Cristina Moreno Lozano Optimizing antibiotics: Antibiotic stewardship, medical work and resistant microbes in public hospitals in democratic Spain Science & technology studies,medical and veterinary anthropology,Antimicrobial resistance,history of medicine  

Cristian Luguzan Political Sociology,social movements,civil society,political ideology,communication technologies,social media
Ismaël Maazaz Commoning resources ? Spaces, resource uses and associated political imaginaries in urban Chad conflictual production of spaces,resource politics,African security,Chad,Politics of oil,Competing political imaginaries,Urban anthropology,Urban geography  
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Sublime N. Mabiala Religion, Political Participation and Post-Conflict Reconstruction in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Religion and Politics,African Christianity and Ethics,Theo-Political Anthropology,Epistemology of Hope,Post-Conflict Environment,Participatory Reconstruction,G/Localization,Religion and Transnationalism,North-South Partnership,The Democratic Republic of Congo,Congolese Spiritualities
Alexandra Macht Between stoicism and intimacy: The social construction of paternal love Qualitative Research Methods,Adult-child relations/interactions,Sociology of emotion,Gender and parenting,Power,Masculinities,fathers and fatherhood,Identity and class culture Room 3.2 
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Chloe MacLean Fighting with the senses: Gendered embodiment in karate gender equality,Sociology of Sport,Senses,Martial arts/ Combat Sports,Sensory Ethnography,Qualitative Research Methods,embodiment,gender,relationships
Stergios Magkriotis Livelihoods at the Margins of Humanitarian Aid - The everyday life strategies of refugees in Athens displacement,Refugee Livelihoods,everyday practices,Materiality,Visual Sociology,Human Geography,Ethnography  

Mairi O'Gorman Values,Indian Ocean,Seychelles,Youth,Return / transnational migration,intimacy
Nokwazi Makanya Public budgeting,Legislative behaviour,Political economy of budget processes,South African politics,Institutions and institutional change
Diego Malara Deceitful spirits the Ethiopian Orthodox Church,spirit possession,divination,art and healing,personhood,orthodoxy and heterodoxy,fasting and ascetism,passions and passiones
Emily Mann Negotiating Gender Identity in the Context of Cultural Reform: a Study of Women in Police Scotland Gender & policing;,Gender & Policing,Police Culture,Criminology,Criminal Justice,Scottish Criminal Justice System,Police,Police Scotland,Ethnography,Feminist Research,Sociology of Gender,Intersectionality,Gender and Development,Feminist Criminology  
Hanna Mantila Psychiatric Practice in Hong Kong Anthropology of Pharmaceuticals,Transcultural psychiatry,Psychopharmaceuticals,Medical Anthropology,Biomedical knowledge(s), practices and technologies
Ritumbra Manuvie Governance of Climate Change Related Migrations in Assam (India) Climate change Migration,Governance,Public Policy,Institutions and institutional change,South Asia,Borderlands,Wicked Problems 3.12
Jingyu Mao Using intimacy as a lens on the work and migration experiences of ethnic performers in Southwest China Intimacy,Personal life,Emotions,Contemporary China,Migration,Work,Ethnicity,Gender,Ethnography  
Valentina Marcheselli  

Marie-Eve Hamel Mediated Voices: Nation/State-Building, NGOs and Survivors of Sexual Violence in Postconflict Rwanda and Bosnia-Herzegovina Genocide,sexual violence,gender,Community Belonging,relationships
Brooks Marmon Zimbabwe,Southern Africa,West Africa,Liberia,Cold War,decolonization,higher education,Transnational History
Q. Adam Marshall Cambodia,Phnom Penh,Religion And Ritual,Khmer Buddhism,Khmer Evangelical Christianity,belief,the 'heart',ethics,Space,place and the city,Subjectivity and Personhood,political anthropology
Paulina Gonzalez Martinez The Politics of energy in Mexico Balance of power,Environment,ethnography,Institutions and institutional change,Ideology,nationalism,Policy construction,Sustainability,Inequality,Light,electrification,Mexico,Developing World,Neoliberalism,energy,State-formation,Nation-state,Energy & Infrastructure,Power and resistance,trade unions 3.09
Clara Mascaró Employment retention and social security for working-age disabled people in Germany and the United Kingdom, 2010-2019. Disability,Work,Employment transitions,Political Economy,Labour Market Policy,United Kingdom,Germany,Spain 2.43
Sissela Matzner Foreign Policy,Political parties,Responsibility,Narratives,Humanitarianism,Political violence,Conflict,Military intervention  

Camille Maubert Masculinity, Morality and the Social Order: Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (1994-2020) Gender relations,Masculinities,Social norms,Sexual and Gender-Based Violence,Conflict & Post-Conflict Studies,African studies,Social Anthropology
Leah McCabe Gendering Change: Tracing domestic abuse policy discourses and directions in Scotland from 1998 Feminism,Scottish Devolution,domestic abuse,feminising policy,Gender & intersectionality,Policy change,critical frame analysis,women's and social movements,frame theory,Feminist institutionalism 2.19
Taylor McConnell Još Hrvatska ni propala: Examining the Public Face of Memory in Croatia Memory abuse,Collective memory,Memory politics,Yugoslavia,Serbia,Croatia,National identity,Identity construction,State building,Othering,Violence,Education,Socialisation processes
Hannah McInnes-Dean Maternity,Paternity,Parents and parenthood,Gender and parenting,Sex & Gender,Reproductive Health,Kinship,Medical Anthropology,Childbearing,Perinatal care and support,Parental Leave
Lee McNeish (working title) An Ethnographic Study of the Imagined Futures Entangled in the Sutherland Spaceport Development Environment,infrastructure,Anthropology of the future,imagined futures,outer space,crofting,Scotland,Anthropology of Technology,colonialism and imperialism
Hamido Megahead Childhood and Youth Studies,Qualitative research,Children and Young People,transition studies,research with children,Egypt,marginalization,Non-governmental organisations,Care experience,NGOs and Development,Young men,Residential childcare
Chris Mellingwood Amphibious Researchers: working with laboratory automation in synthetic biology
Alexander Mesarovich European Politics in the Yugoslav Laboratory Europeanization,Social network analysis,Informal Politics,Slovenia,Croatia,Serbia
Alice Nagle Living Psalm 127: Gender, reproduction, and religious embodiment amongst American patriarchal pro-natalists. Performativity,Sexuality,Religious Identity,Childbearing,Embodiment and the anthropology of the body,Christianity,Comedy and Humour,gender,marriage,Religion And Ritual,Kinship,Anthropology of the United States,Subjectivity and Personhood,agency,East Africa,life cycles,ethics and ideology,pregnancy,Pregnancy Loss,social reproduction Crystal Macmillan Building
Tiffany Minjauw Smallholder farmer resilience to climate change: from information, to adaptation, to transformation International Development,Food Security,Climate Change Adaptation,Smallholder farming,Climate Information Services,Early Warning Systems,Sub-Saharan Africa,Gender and Development,Ecosystem services and land use,Agricultural Production,Environmental Sustainability,Livestock Production School of Social and Political Science 
Oscar Moreno-Martinez Technological innovation in the Colombian war. Insurgency, Counterinsurgency, and Terror (1993–2012) Technology and Innovation Studies,Colombian Armed Conflict,Military-Technical Change,Insurgency & Counter-Insurgency,United States Foreign Security Policy,War Studies Rm 1.04, Old Surgeons' Hall
Derek Morris Memory,identity,Ideology,Narrative Inquiry,Storytelling and ethnography,discourse analysis,life-writing,Auto/Biography,Documents of Life,Iraq and the Middle East,Masculinities,Identity construction,Identity and Alterity,Collective memory,Storytelling and narrative,Myth and storytelling,militaries,Critical ethnography
Francesco Moze Uganda,Democratic Republic of Congo,Great Lakes Region,Regional Integration,COMESA,Borders,Bordering,Borderlands,Borderscapes,Anthropology,Ethnography,Human Geography,Visual Methods
Wassim Mroue Middle East Politics,IR and Middle East,Sectarianism
Ava Muhr Land Tenure Systems,Land Reform,Gender,Côte d’Ivoire,Post-conflict peacebuilding,Environmental anthropology,Women's livelihoods,Political and legal anthropology
Cera Murtagh Fighting for the Centre: Multi-Ethnic Parties in Post-Conflict Societies in Comparative Perspective Post-conflict societies,Peace and conflict,Ethnicity and Identity,Nationalism and National Identity,Political parties,Social movements,gender politics Room 3.12, Chrystal Macmillan Building 
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Julie Murugi Stewarding provision of high-quality maternal and neonatal health services in the faith-based health sector: A Kenyan case-study. Maternal and Neonatal Health,Quality of Care,Universal Health Coverage,Health Policy and Systems Research,Low and Middle Income Countries
Saqif Mustafa COVID-19 and resilient health systems: an evaluation of policies, planning and practice in Liberia Health policy,Health systems,Public health,Global health policy,Health services,COVID-19,Health systems resilience,Health systems strengthening
Martyna Napierska Hannah Arendt, The Polish Peasant and the digital migrant community in Edinburgh documents,Archives,Community Development,migrant integration,political theory,local governance and grassroots democracy,digital culture,Digital ethnography,Social Power
Sokhna O. K. Ndoye Political economy of Africa,regional integration,cross-border transport corridors,logistics,transport facilitation,public debt,official development assistance and aid effectiveness,international economics.
Maureen Neckelmann Religious Pluralisation, Civic Society and Social Capital in Chile Social capital,Civic engagement,Sociology of Religion,Secularisation,Religious Identity,Latin American Culture and Society
Larissa Nenning Part-Time Work and Welfare States Political Economy,Unemployment,Retirement,Gender,Work,Austria,Germany,Institutionalisms,Feminism
Meng Hin Ng Potential PhD Topic: Inventing SARs: The Handover Negotiation of Colonial Hong Kong and Macau, 1972-1987. Macau and Hong Kong,Colonialism,Comparative/Historical Sociology,Historical Institutionalism,Peripheral east asia,China Factor,discourse analysis,narrative & auto/biographical methodologies,Metropole-Colony Relations
Pia Noel Medical Anthropology,Global Mental Health,Nepal and the Himalaya,Medical pluralism,Development and Humanitarian Aid,Transcultural psychiatry,Anthropology of psychiatry,International development,Public health,Disability Studies,Disasters
Joe Noteboom The University of Data: Ethical and Social Futures of Data-Driven Education Higher Education,Higher Education Policy,Data & AI Ethics,Critical Data Studies,Digital Sociology,Digital Education
R. Elliott Oakley Opening the Waiwai ewto: Indigenous social and spatial relations in Guyana Environmental anthropology,Amazonia,Guyana,Indigenous Peoples,Conservation and development,Waiwai people,personhood
Katarina Ockova 'Marriage, Kinship, Memory, and the Future among the Jewish Minority in Post-socialist Slovakia' (working title) Kinship and relatedness,History and Memory, especially as explored through intergenerational relations,Jewishness,Diaspora and transnationalism,Marriage and marital preferences,Community Belonging,Religion And Ritual,gender,Slovakia Chrystal Macmillan Building
Harla Sara Octarra Making visible inter-agency working processes in children's services Policy Processes,Children's Services,Inter-agency work,Children's Rights Flat 4F1, CRFR PhD Students Office
Toyin Adenugba-Okpaje An Outcomes-Based Approach? Exploring the lives of teenage care-experienced mothers and the contribution of social work in Scotland. Citizenship,Support for young people with a care history,profession of social work,Outcomes-based approach,Teenage mothers and identity,Dementia  
Jasmiina Social Media,Digital Sociology,Digital Cultures,Selfie Culture,Self,Netnography,Digital Research Methods,Digital Ethnography,Social Networks,Online Communities,Instagram  

Emmanuel Oluwole Oni Forging Ahead as an Anti-Corruption Agency: The Case of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) in Nigeria (2000 – 2017) Institutions and institutional change,Quantitative Research,Macroeconomic Analysis,Corruption and Anti-Corruption Studies,International Development Room 1.10 
Cristina Asenjo Palma Enhancing the well-being of communities at disadvantage: changing the people or changing the system? Well-being,Community Development,Rights-based Approaches,Asset-based Approaches,Social Inequality,Research methods,Participation,Research Ethics 4.14
George Papamichail Regional STI Policies,Regional Innovation Systems,Smart Specialisation Strategies  

Sangwon Park The Effect of Girls' Education on Gender Equality in Post-Genocide Rwanda Rwanda,Gender & Development,Education,Decolonisation of Knowledge,Masculinities,Men-Engage Approach,Politics of International Development,Qualitative Methods,East Africa  
+44 (0)785 290 7878
Silvia Pergetti Anthropology of development,Materiality,Infrastructure,Imagination,Modernity,Solar energy,Energy transition,Distributed generation,India,Rural electrification,International development
Janet Perkins Human rights-based approaches to maternal health in Bangladesh: Social reconstructions and consequences Policy construction,Human rights,Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child and Adolescent Health,International development,Medical Anthropology,Bangladesh,Gender and Development,organizations and institutions,Reproductive rights,Reproductive Health,Childbearing,Global Health Policy
Tanita Jill Poeggel Struggles around Detention and Deportation of Non-Citizens in Germany Immigration and asylum policy,political theory,asylum seekers and refugees,critical migration research,Migration and citizenship,Social movements,critical theory,national identity,Memory politics
Tara Pollak Reproducing Loss: An Investigation into Pregnant Bodies and Bereavement in the Lothians, Scotland. Social Anthropology,Medical Anthropology,Reproductive Health,Anthropology of Reproduction,Kinship,Birth and Death,Bereavement,Material Culture,Scotland,Breastfeeding,Anthropology of Ireland,Care
No Photo Ioana Popescu (re)humanisation,Peace and conflict,participatory research,Arts-Based Research Methods,Theatre & Performance,political emotions,Ethics,interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches,Arts and politics  

One Pusumane Anti-trafficking Work in Nigeria: Solidarities at the Intersections of Gender, Urbanisation and Human Trafficking Decolonisation,ethnography,Feminism,Feminist institutionalism,Humanitarian intervention,gender mainstreaming,Migration and development,International Relations,Sociological Theory
Emily Qvist-Baudry Prison Violence in Scotland - The role of Bystander Behaviour in Prison Settings Criminology,Deviance,Crime prevention,Micro sociology,Prison and prison based intervention,Norm diffusion,Social psychology,Research methodology,Visual Data Analysis,Video based data
Rishabh Raghavan Criminal Power: Energy Infrastructures and Legislation in Tamil Nadu Citizenship,Criminality,Bureaucracy,Police,Energy & Infrastructure,illegality,thermal power plants,Tamil Nadu
Lindsay Randall Gender,,Kinship,Islam,International development,Ethiopia,Marriage and polygamy,Anthropology of time,Feminist Theory,Political Anthropology,Ecnomic Anthropology,Anthropology of Childhood,Agency and Subjectivity  
+44 07397812730
Alexandra Remond Britain,Canada,federal states,identity politics,nationalism,Politics,Comparative Politics,British-EU politics,Scotland,Political parties,Territorial Politics,Nationalism,Nationalism and National Identity,Scottish Independence Referendum,Quebec-Scotland comparisons,Political identities and citizenship,Election campaigning,Electoral Systems in Divided Societies,Electoral and Referendum behaviour,Montenegro,the Balkans 3.12
Ivar Vargas Rivas The international debate on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems: a Chilean perspective International Security,Artificial Intelligence and Robotics,International Humanitarian Law,Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems,Pierre Bourdieu,Ontological Security Theory,Chile,International Relations,AI ethics,Disarmament,ethnography
Mason Robbins The Revenue League: An examination of how Deloitte and KPMG are building the €1 Billion annual revenue generating football club. Football,Sport Business,Revenue Generation,Digital Transformations,Spanish Football,North American Sports Business,Deloitte Sports Business Group,KPMG Football Benchmark,Microsoft Sports,Sport Business Consulting,Ranking Systems 1.02 
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Ewan Robertson Political and Policy Dynamics of Supplementing Wages: In-Work Benefit Reforms in the United Kingdom and France, 1990s - 2010s United Kingdom,Social and Public Policy,Labour Market Policy,Economic Security,In-Work Benefits,Non-Standard Employment,Welfare Reform,Welfare States,France,European Social Policy Chrystal Macmillan Building
Sarah Rose Creating thriving teams: Enhancing the emotional resilience of social workers in local authority adult social work services emotional resilience,Well-being,social workers,adult services,organisational culture Social Work
Alec Ross Justice in Refuge: Quotas, Markets, and a 'Fair Share' Social and Political Theory,Refugee studies,Applied ethics,Human rights,marketisation,Immigration and asylum policy,Forced migration,Ethics and markets G.10 
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Dr. Anna Ross Doing Drugs Policy: Narratives, Knowledge and Participation Social Policy,Criminal Justice,Sociology of Drugs,Participatory Methods,Drug Policy
No Photo Piyush Roy
Pascal Rudin Children's Rights,'global mental health',ADHD,Family,Education,discourse analysis
Sarah M. E. Ruggins Building blocks: The innovation and regulation of exchange-traded funds in the United States, 1970 - 2000 Financial Innovation,financial regulation,exchange traded funds,econometrics and econometric theory,performativity,derivative instruments,Financial Markets,Social Studies of Finance Chrystal Macmillan Building 
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Ian Russell The Role of Public Universities in Post-War Processes of Conflict, Peace, and Social Change Knowledge production,Education,Peace and conflict,Post-conflict societies,Post-conflict reconstruction,Higher education,Pedagogy and politics,Knowledge and development School of Social and Political Science
No Photo Sofiane Sahnoun Active Citizenship for British Muslims under the Coalition Government identity politics,national identity,Citizenship and belonging  
Nathalia Salamanca Sarmiento “I am who I am because of who I was” – Refiguring childhoods through Colombian former child soldiers’ stories Memory,identity,Narrative Inquiry,Human rights,Childhood and Youth Studies,Contesting childhood -
Anthony Salamone European integration,European Union,Brexit,Scottish-European relations,UK-EU relations,Scottish politics,Devolution,British politics,UK foreign policy,Public opinion,Public policy,Europeanisation,Comparative politics
Simone Sambento Multidisciplinary Collaborations in Cave and Karst Environments
Viona Sari Exploring policy processes around the management of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) in Indonesia Policy Processes,Neglected Tropical Diseases,Infectious Disease,Global Health Policy,Politics of Global Health,Global Health Governance,Indonesia,Policy Actors
No Photo Fiona Sarwar Human rights,Foreign Policy,Scotland,Sub-state diplomacy,Paradiplomacy,Feminist Foreign Policy,Scottish Government,Women,Peace and Security,Peace and conflict,Scottish Nationalism,Rights-based Approaches,Devolution and UK constitution
Anna Schneider The Social Statuses in Later Life: A Study of the Effect of Retirement in Germany today. Socio-cultural change,Quantitative research,Social Exclusion,Historical sociology Chrystal Macmillan Building
Andrew Scott Policy reasons or policy networks? The factors influencing shale gas policy-making within the British government. energy politics,energy security,business regulation,environmental politics,Public policy,Comparative Politics,policy networks,policy community,Politics of oil Chrystal Macmillan Building
Ceren Sengül Varieties of 'Kurdishness' in Turkey: state rhetoric, region, and language ethnicity,Nationalism,Kurds,everyday nationalism
Matea Senkić Cultural Sociology,Performance Theory,Urban Sociology,Tourism,Alternative Tourism,Anti-tourism,Cities,Artivism
Emilia P Sereva Norbert Elias,Process Sociology,Social theory,British funeral industry
Tirion Seymour The Third Sector and the Shaping of Services for Huntington's Disease in Scotland: Organisations, Boundary Work and Expertise Sociology of health and illness,Professional knowledge,Sociology of Organisations,Medical sociology,expertise and interdisciplinarity,Third Sector,Genetics and Society,Scotland,Health policy,collaborative governance and partnerships,UK,Huntington's disease,Public services,Healthcare organisations,Qualitative research methods,ethics and research practices,Patient experiences
Shubhi Sharma Marx,Foucault,Governmentality,Adivasis,India,REDD+,gender,Environmental Sociology G.11 
Malissa Shaw Biotechnologies: Stem Cells and Assisted Reproduction,Gender Theory,Latin American Culture and Society,Political Economy of Health,Substance: Stem Cells,Embryos and other Biogenetic Tissues,Biomedical knowledge(s),practices and technologies,Science & technology studies,Sociology of the body,Embodiment,Agency and coercion Chrystal Macmillan,
Haitao Shi Criminal Justice Policy,Drug Policy in China,Police Culture,Drugs and Crime,Qualitative Research Methods,Discourse Analysis
Eunsil Shin Disaster, Fukushima, Risk Perception, Sense and Sensibility, Corporeality, Water
Evan Shirley A Decision Support System to guide decisions of public sector pharmaceutical supply chains in low-and-middle countries Pharmaceutical policy,Pharmaceuticals,Supply Chains,Operations Research and Management Science,Game Theory,Health systems,Public health challenges in developing countries Chrystal Macmillan Building
Talia Shoval Environmental Ethics in Just War Theory Just war theory,Environmental ethics,Justice and non-human animals,Non-anthropocentrism,Ecofeminism,Political Ecology,Political Theory,Moral philosophy,Applied ethics
No Photo Ting Ting Shum Practicing Public Health: Health Workers and Tuberculosis Control in Contemporary China China,Infectious Disease,Tuberculosis,Public Health Practice and Policy,Care,Subjectivity and Personhood,Value
Judith Sijstermans Evaluating the Impact of Transnational Party Collaboration on European Stateless Nationalist and Regionalist Parties Political parties,European Union,Policy learning,Europeanization,Nationalism,Regionalism,Socialization,Policy networks,Policy transfer,Multi-level governance,British Politics
Tatianna Mello Pereira da Silva FOLLOW THE BOTTLE: PET RECYCLING ECONOMY AND WASTE PICKER EMPOWERMENT IN BRAZIL Sustainable consumption and production,Global south,Brazil,Circular Economy,Waste pickers,Waste,Recycling networks,Materiality,Global Value Chains,space and spatiality Chrystal Macmillan Building
Vicente Silva The future of work and global labour governance: transnational policy formation in the fourth industrial revolution (supervisors: Jay Wiggan and Daniel Clegg) Work & Labour,Comparative Social Policy,Global Political Economy,,International Organisations,Class and social stratification,Qualitative research methods
Liam Anfield Simmonds  

Rachel Simpson Regulating Robot Assisted Surgery: New Sociological Explorations in Learning and Embodiment (working title) Innovation,Science and technology studies,Artificial Intelligence and Robotics,Sociology of the body,Robot Assisted Surgery,Communities of Practice,Social Shaping of Technology,Social Learning,Medical sociology,Surgical Practice,Regulation and innovation,Governance of emerging science and technology,Biomedical knowledge(s), practices and technologies
No Photo I Lin Sin Cultural Capital and Distinction: Malaysian Students and Recent Graduates of UK International Tertiary Education social mobility,higher education,International migration
Lukas Slothuus Political theory,Political philosophy,Marxism,Critical theory,Resistance,Contentious politics,Political affect,Radical democracy,Civil disobedience
Saskia Smellie Explaining Variation in Refugee Protection Policy in the EU: National Role Conceptions and Domestic Political Constraints Politics of Migration and Asylum Policy,Responsibility-Sharing,European Union,Foreign Policy,Role Theory School of Social & Political Science 
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Andrey M. Elizondo Governance of Information Infrastructures for the Integration of Complex Data Ecosystems Information Infrastructures,Complex systems,Digital Transformation,data management,Cross-boundaries Systems Integration,Human Dynamics, Artifacts and Practices,Data Society,e-health,Interoperability,Social Informatics and Innovation,Technology and Innovation Studies,Task Complexity,Social network analysis,Computational Social Science,Social Learning,Knowledge Management,Design,Governance of Infrastructuring 1.04
Deanna Soloninka State-minority relations,International organisations,European institutions,Nationalism and national identity,Minority rights,post-Soviet politics,Comparative politics
Daniel Spotswood Animism,Personhood,Quechua,Peru,Mountains,Glaciers,Hierarchies,Pilgrimage,Sacrifice,Death
Esje Stapleton Institutions In/Cognito: The socio-cognitive emergence of agentic intelligence and the basis of phenomenology Philosophy of Mind,Cyborgs,the structure/agency problem,Zombies,Queer Theory,Socially Extended Mind Hypothesis Office 5.13, 5th floor, Chrystal MacMillan Building
Pietro Stefanini Working title: Settler Colonial Humanitarianism: Israel/Palestine as a case study Political violence,Settler Colonialism,Humanitarianism,War,Militarism,Anticolonial Resistance,International Relations,Middle East Politics,Israel/Palestine,Refugee studies
Sophie Stone Working Title: Exploring the place of the human in mammalian synthetic biology practices Science and technology studies,Sociology of knowledge and science,synthetic biology,Discourse and rhetoric studies,Philosophy of science,Bioethics and concepts of nature,Sociology of Science,Biotechnologies
Sarah Stopforth The Relationship Between Parental Socio-Economic Position and Children's Educational Outcomes: An Investigation of Cultural Capital and Aspirations Sociology of Education,Social Stratification,Cultural Capital,Quantitative Analysis
Damian Strycharz National role conceptions and foreign policy change: Russia’s divergent reactions to crises in the post-Soviet space Russian foreign policy,Foreign policy analysis,Role theory,Post-Soviet space
No Photo Yifang Sun PhD of Politics political psychology,US foreign policy,Foreign Policy Analysis
Kasper Swerts "Vetera Novis Augere": Nationalism, Neo-thomism and Historiography in Quebec and Flanders (1900-1945) Canada,nationalism,Historiography,Quebec,Modern History,Transnational History  

Dora Jandric, AFHEA Imagined Futures of Same-sex Couples Ageing,Gender,Sexuality,Qualitative Research Methods,imagined futures,Queer Theory,successful ageing,lifecourse,time and temporality Office 1.09 
Can Tao Learning the nation: A comparative study of the internalisation and reproduction of nationalism in urban and rural high schools in China everyday nationalism,banal nationalism,National Identity,China,Patriotic education,Ethnography
Emma Teale "Revival of the Celtic Lands": Heritage and Prophecy in a Charismatic Missional Movement Christianity,Scotland,Prophecy,Spiritual territorialisation,Temporality,Celticism,Religious heritage,Leadership and Organisation
Consuelo Thiers How Political Leaders Shape International Rivalries: A Psychological Study of Resilience and Variability in Chilean-Bolivian and Chilean-Peruvian Relations political psychology,Foreign Policy Analysis,Latin American Foreign Policies,At-a-distance personality assessment of political leaders
Rebekah Thompson Neglected Zoonotic and Tropical Diseases,Livestock Research,Meat Eating,Pigs,Medical Anthropology,Helminths,Human-animal relationships,Veterinary Anthropology,One Health,East Africa
Daniel Thorpe Unbundling "Indigenous" Space Capability: Actors, Policy Positons and Agency in Geospatial Information Science in Southwest Nigeria Sociology of knowledge and science,Technology and society,ethnography,Situational analysis,Environment,aerospace science and technologies,Environmental anthropology,environmental politics,postcolonial science and technology studies,Science, technology and development,Institutional capacity building,Renewable energy and green politics
Larissa Toal Army of Dolls: Discursive and Substantive Representations of Women in Sub-State Nationalist Movements Feminism,Nationalism,women's and social movements,Critical Discourse Analysis,Gender and conflict
Alva Katharina Traebert HIV/AIDS, Identity and Experiences of LGBT/Queer Community in Scotland, 1980-2000. Gender and Sexuality,Intersectionality,Feminism,Queer Theory,Narrative Inquiry,Human rights
Alexis Montambault Trudelle Political economy,The Gulf States,Sovereign Wealth Funds,Institutions and institutional change,Middle East Politics,State building,Financial Markets,Political Economy of Oil,Rentier States
James Turing The Circular Economy And Emerging E-Waste Storms In Sub-Saharan Africa energy security,Environment,Global justice,Humanitarian intervention,Sustainability,ICT4D,Ghana,Malawi,Kenya,Scotland-Malawi Partnership,Light and power,solar energy and rural electrification,Recycling,Repair,repurposing,E-waste,Rural Development,Education for Sustainable Development,Entrepreneurship,social enterprise,Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),Renewable Energy Systems Chrystal Macmillan Building
Ben Twist Taking the complexity turn to steer cars off the road: applying complexity theory to put social practice theory into practice Climate change,Cultural Sociology,Sustainability,Environment,Environmental Sociology,Environmental and Social Change,complexity theory,social practice theory Business Centre 2.6, Waverley Court 
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Patrick Utz Territorial politics,Party politics,Europeanization
Emel Uzun Living Together and Everyday Encounters: Nationalism Narratives of Ordinary People in Turkey Rm 6.14 
Nuria Lopez Vazquez Food sovereignty in Shan state Myanmar : Rapid agricultural changes and new power dynamics Agriculture and the politics of food,ecofeminism,Environmental Sociology,Feminist Theory,citizen science,qualitative research,Participatory Methods
Diego Mauricio Diaz Velásquez Supporting health care providers operating in asymmetric armed conflict settings: The case of Tumaco, Colombia Health policy,Peace and conflict,Politics of health,Political Economy of Health,Macroeconomics,Health Insurance,hospitals  
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Kim Vender Climate Change Policy,Chinese Foreign Policy,Role Theory,Global leadership,Ecosystems-based adaptation and mitigation,International Responsibility of Emerging Powers,Blue Carbon,Development Cooperation
Ingmar Versolmann Explaining European Energy Policy - Policy making through a Historical Institutionalist framework European Union,EU Energy Policy,New Institutionalism,EU external relations,European Intergration,Energy politics,Energy security 4.14 
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Amanda Vettini 'Should we be creating Jacks and Jills of all trades in social research?: Assessing responses to breadth and depth in postgraduate social science research methods training.' Research methodology,Higher Education,Innovative Research Methods,Children and Families,Relationship breakdown and divorce,Research Methods Training
Matjaz Vidmar "New" Space Industry and Innovation Britain,Institutions and institutional change,Politics of infrastructure,ethnography,UK,Archaeology of Science,Technology and society,Sociology of Technology,Science and technology,Innovation,Systems of Innovation,Sectoral Systems of Innovation,Technology and Innovation Studies,Innovation theory,Business model formation and innovation,Innovation Diffusion,Regional Innovation Systems,History of science, technology and engineering,Science & technology studies,aerospace science and technologies,History of science, medicine and technology Higgs Centre for Innovation; 
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Llibert Mendez de Vigo Arnau Food Practices of the New Spanish Immigrant Community in Edinburgh Food Studies,Migration studies,identity,Sociology of Food,Scotland and the EU,Spain,Cultural Capital,Social capital,Pierre Bourdieu,ethnography,Sustainability,Social Justice G.11
Miriam Vishniac The New Correctional Afterthought: Menstruation, Incarceration, and Gender-Responsive Treatment Feminism,Gender and crime,Menstruation,Prisons,Women's Health,Health policy,Social Policy,Feminist Research,Social Justice
Gisli Vogler Towards an ethos of reality: Judging Responsibility-for-Complicity political theory,Social theory,Political memory and historical injustice,Theories of democracy,Power,the structure/agency problem,Critical Social and Political Theory Politics and International Relations School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh
No Photo Jarmo De Vries Implementing genomic medicine: Studying the creation of NHS England’s Genomic Medicine Service genomics,biomedicine,Expertise,Science and technology studies,Big data,data infrastructures,NHS,Genetics and Society
Michel Wahome  

Kamau Wairuri Politics of Police Accountability in Kenya Political violence,African studies,African Politics,Urban margins,urban poor,Law and Social Order,Police Accountability,Sex Workers,Police and Policing,marginalization,Drug users,LGBTQ+,Kenyan Politics,East Africa,Informal settlements,Youth Empowerment in Africa,Police brutality,Criminal Justice
Sabastine Wakdok Unpacking the 'Corruption Complex' in Healthcare: The influence of Corruption, Informal Practices and Practical Norms on Health Service Delivery in Nigeria Health policy,development and global health,Global Health Policy,Corruption,Health systems,Health services,Politics of health,qualitative research,health governance,HIV/AIDS,Public policy,Health Financing,Balance of power
Iona Walker Reimagining AMR Beyond the Military Metaphor Biomedical knowledge(s),practices and technologies,Antimicrobial resistance,Russia,Post-Socialism,Interdisciplinary Research,Art,multispecies ethnography,microbes
Tingting Wan Understanding Small-Holding Households in a Changing Chinese Village Documents of Life,Gender and social change,Narrative Inquiry,Sociological Theory,families and households,Identity formation,Economic Sociology,sociology of emotions,Social Networks,Development studies,Social capital Sociology, School of Social and Political Science
Fei Wang Financial Security and Retirement for Women in China fanancial security,Financial Security,Quantitative Research,China,Gender,Elder,Poverty,Pension policy,Upward Intergenerational Transfer
Xiaona Wang
Xiaoqing Wang Semiology,Visual Sociology,Ideology,Critical Theory,Social Theory,Cultural Theory,Sociology of Fashion,Sociology of Art,Visual Methods,Visual Culture,Urban Ethnography,Identities
Jaye Ware Young people's perspectives on gender and sexual diversity in Scottish high schools Youth,Queer Theory,Transgender,school bullying,queerphobia,gender,Sexuality
Katey Warran Communities at the Fringe Cultural Sociology,Arts and Health,Qualitative Research Methods,Sociology of the Arts,Cultural Policy,Performance Science,Ethnography,Community Belonging,Social cohesion
Julie Watson
Cat Wayland Critical Social and Political Theory,Political Philosophy,Methodology in political theory,Critical epistemologies,politics of knowldge production,Decolonisation,Intersectionality 2.43
Sarah Weakley Young people’s transitions to economic independence and the role of government assistance: evidence from the US and the UK youth,Welfare states,transition to adulthood,poverty,Quantitative Methods,Longitudinal Data Analysis,US domestic policy,UK domestic policy
Zhen Wei Political sociology,Historical sociology,Social theory,Sociology of the body,China,Labour and labour movements  
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Jean Welstead The role of socio-economic impact assessment in social responses to renewable energy infrastructure Participation,Social movements,Impact Assessment,renewable energy,community engagement,Knowledge production,Cultures of expertise 4.15 
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Joel White Carceral Care: Friendship, Solidarity and Detention in the UK Border Regime political anthropology,immigration detention,care,solidarity,anti-racism,friendship,housing,Activism,Kinship,borders,carcerality,prison abolition,Immigration and asylum policy,work,social reproduction,trauma,care work,medical care,colonialism and imperialism
Catherine Whittaker Warrior Women of Central Mexico: The Cosmology of Gender Violence in a Changing World Gender,and Violence,Mexico,Mesoamerica,Nahuatl,cosmology,Intersectionality,Catholicism,Marginality,Religion And Ritual,Politics of Indigeneity,affect and emotion,love 5.13 Chrystal Macmillan Building
Emily Wilkinson Veganism,Meat Eating,Happy Meat,Feminism,Intersectionality,Critical Animal Studies,Food Studies,Food
Lauren Wilks domestic work,care,gender,class,social inequality,migration,mobility,commuting,work and labour,precarity,family and personal relationships,gender-based violence,ethnography,qualitative research,social history Room 5.15, Chrystal Macmillan Building 

L.Wilks @
Winarti Halim Rural Household Dynamics and the Emergence of Young Farmers Regeneration Program in Indonesia Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods,Youth participation,International Relations,Marxism,Policy construction,nationalism,Sustainability,Labour Market,International development,Decolonial Studies,Indonesia
No Photo Laura Winterton
No Photo Mark T.O. Wong "Hidden" Youth: Understanding Socially Withdrawn Young People in Hong Kong and Scotland Youth,NEET (Not in Education,Employment or Training),Hong Kong,Scotland,Scottish Public Policy,Social network analysis,Social capital,Social Networks,Big data,Data Science Chrsytal Macmillan Building
Alexandra Wright Exploring evidence-based policy implementation: a case of alcohol policy in Scotland Health policy,policy implementation,Health Systems Research,Public policy,Knowledge exchange,Evidence,alcohol policy
Laura Wright Play-based research to explore child researchers’ psychosocial wellbeing and community participation Research with Children and Young People,Play,Child and Youth Studies,Children's Participation,Participatory Research Methods,Children's Rights,Youth Engagement
Runguo Wu PhD in International Public Health Policy Health Insurance,Quantitative Methods,Multilevel Modelling,Monitoring and Evaluation 314 Chrystal Macmillan Building
Boel McAteer Gendering self-reliance: Constructing the ideal refugee wo/man within livelihoods support for displaced Syrians in Turkey Forced displacement,Refugee studies,Urban Refugees,Refugee Livelihoods,Gender and Development,Development and Humanitarian Aid,Turkey,social exclusion,labour market inequlities
Inna Yaneva-Toraman Faces of Shame, Masks of Development: Recognition and Oil Palm among the Baining of Papua New Guinea Anthropology of development,Economic anthropology,sustainable development,political economy,politics of identity,land and landownership,agroecology and conservation management,sustainable farming,rural development,agrarian change,material culture,personhood,ritual and religion,Melanesia 5.16 Chrystal Macmillan Building
Mengyao Yuan Political imaginary presented by online narratives Social media,Political identities and citizenship
Ritti Soncco Geographies of Tolerance: On the Visibility and Invisibility of Lyme Disease in Scotland (working title) Medical Anthropology,Veterinary Anthropology,Zoonoses,zoonotic disease control,Environmental anthropology,Science and technology,visual anthropology,anthropology of landscape,art,advocacy,patient rights,patient advocacy,Lyme disease,Scotland,coronavirus
Luba Zatsepina-McCreadie The Role of Nuclear Identities in Shaping Nuclear Decisions (US and USSR). Nuclear Weapons,Identity,Non-proliferation,Post-structuralism,Discourse Analysis,Gender,Cold War,IR and Security studies 3.12, Chrystal Macmillan Building,
Andreas Zaunseder Work and Citizenship: a Multi-Sited Ethnography of Labour, Political Engagement and the Construction of Meaningful Work in Scottish Worker Co-operatives’ (working title) Historical sociology,political theory,Social theory,Economic Sociology,Political Sociology,alternative festivals and collective joy,workers co-operatives,alternatives to capitalism,Sociology of Sustainability, Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Education, Education for Sustainable Development;
Luca Zazzi Sociology,Social Theory,Philosophy,Metaphysics,Aesthetics,Philosophy of Society,Pataphysics 3.13
Bryce Zedalis OTC Commodity Derivative Rulemaking at the CFTC, 2010-2016: A Cultural Political Economy Approach Financial Regulation,Cultural Political Economy,Financial Fragility and Instability,US Administrative Agency Rulemaking,Energy Policy and Regulation,Influence of US (Independent) Administrative Agency Chairpersons on Regulatory Outputs,Multi-level and Multi-dimensional Rulemaking Analysis,Assemblage Theory,Object-oriented Ontology (OOO)
Nicolas Zehner Planning for Uncertain Futures: Materialising Urban Visions in Edinburgh (working title) cities,urban sociology,Economic Sociology,Imagination,expectations,Sociology of expectations and futures,Dynamics of capitalism,Urban Ethnography,political economy of urban design,economic sociology of imagination,data-driven innovation,sociology of scientific knowledge,Science and technology studies,sociotechnical imaginaries
Dominik Zelinsky Social theory,Cultural Sociology,Communism,Central Eastern Europe,Dissent,Semiotics,Literary Theory,Comparative/Historical Sociology,Hermeneutics,Historical sociology,Sociology of Knowledge,Sociology of Religion,Sociology of Art
Nazira Zholdoshbekova Role of International Development Cooperation in Educational Transformation of the post-Soviet states: the case of the Kyrgyz Republic Institutions and institutional change,International development,Foreign Aid,Political economy of foreign aid;,Educational policy discourses,Comparative education,Policy borrowing,School reforms,Critical Discourse Analysis Office 6.12, Crystal Macmillan Building
Mariah Jade Zimpfer Identity and Marginalization in Contemporary Appalachia Ethnicity and culture,Appalachia,the American South,ethnography,Social Impact Assessment,Program Evaluation,Historical sociology,Bridging and bonding,Artifact Ethnography,Social capital
Sane Pashane Zuka Large-Scale Extractive Mining in Democratic Malawi: Discourse, Governance and Poverty Reduction Instiutional building,energy security,Global Political Economy,,Land governance,Development Policy,Social capital,Historical Institutionalism,Extractive industries and resource governance,policy discourses,Global political economy