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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


African Studies

Name PhD Title Research Interests Contact Information
No Photo Badejo Adedamola Folasade
No Photo Aidan Barlow African borderlands,African Great Lakes region,East Africa,Regionalism,Uganda,Rwanda,Democratic Republic of Congo
Arturo Delano Albinism,Vitiligo,Piebaldism,Poliosis,African/Africana philosophy,Visual Culture,Forgiveness,Popular Culture,Motherhood,Feminism,Philosophical Anthropology,Politics of Skin,Feminist Film Theory,Opera,Afro-pessimism,History of Film,Black Jews,Deconstruction,Equine-assisted therapy
Tobey Berriault Ex-combatant Political Engagement in Post-Conflict Côte d’Ivoire Peace and conflict,Cote d'Ivoire,State building,Political mobilization  
+44 (0) 7340850392
Hannah Cook Artefacts of Accountability: Partnerships, Power and Audit in Malawian Microfinance Microfinance,Monitoring and Evaluation,Impact Assessment,Malawi,Accountability,Women's livelihoods,local economic development,Power (domination, authority, legitimacy) Chrystal Macmillan Building 4.15
Crystal Courtney Sustainable Africapitalism? Perceptions of the Koiyaki Conservancies and their relationship with development. ethnography,Maasai,Ecotourism,International development,Rural Development,Kenya,Sustainability 5.15 Chrystal Macmillan Building
Michael Crawley Youth, Hope and Running for Development in Ethiopia Risk,ethnography,Migration and development,Youth,Long-distance running,Hope 4.16, Chrystal Macmillan Building 
Tom Cunningham 'Muscular Christianity':The Church of Scotland Mission, Gikuyu and the Question of the Body in Colonial Kenya History,Colonial/imperial history,Historical Ethnography,Body,Britain,Kenya,Archives,Oral History,Everyday Life 4.16 Chrystal Macmillan Building
Lauren Ann Engels Kenya,Political Economy,International Development,East Africa,Used Clothing,Second-Hand Clothing
Elisa Gambino PhD on China-Africa Relations in Infrastructure Development Belt and Road Initiative,Transport Corridors,China,Kenya,Infrastructure,Emerging Economies,Financialisation,Port Studies 1.05E
Olivia Gieskes China,Development and Humanitarian Aid,Gender,Human Security in Africa,Medical Anthropology,Postcolonial Theory,Practice Theory,Sino-African relations,South-South cooperation
Tanja Hendriks Governance and Human Security: the state and everyday practices of governing in disaster relief interventions in Malawi Malawi,ethnography,Anthropology of the state,civil servants,disaster governance,relief interventions,Humanitarianism,Bureaucracy,everyday practices,Anthropology of development,state legitimacy,sovereignty,human security,Storytelling and ethnography,linguistic anthropology,Chichewa  
Michaela Hubmann After Ebola: An ethnographic study of the primary health care strengthening process in the Bo district of Sierra Leone Anthropology of Global Health,Medical Anthropology,Health systems and global health,Health systems strengthening,Politics of health,Public health,Global Health Policy,State building,Forms of Citizenship,New forms of Manageralism,Time,temporality & chronicity,Global and Public Health Governance 4.15
Maurice Hutton Modernisers at Work: the Late Colonial Development Drive in the African Townships of Bulawayo (1949-1976) Zimbabwe,Southern Rhodesia,Late colonialism,Urban Governance,African Township Administration,High density housing,Beer monopoly finance,Colonial Bureaucracy,Propertied Citizenship Office 5.15, Chrystal Macmillan Building
Ivan Cuesta-Fernandez Kilowatts, megawatts and power: Electric territorialities of the state in the peripheries of Ghana and Tanzania Political Geography of infrastructure,Economic Geography,Territorial Politics
Juliet Wairimu Kariuki Mama Mboga: self-actulaising, innovative opportunity driven entrepreneurs: Case study of Nairobi and Kiambu County Informal Food provisioning systems,urban poverty,political economy of development,entrepreneurship,informal economy,East Africa Chrystal Macmillan Building
Shona Jane Lee Disrupting the Fatal Sleep: Innovation and the Elimination of Human African Trypanosomiasis in Northern Uganda Infectious Disease,Parasitology,Spatial Analysis,GIS,Global Health,Evolutionary Medicine,Network Analysis,Technology Adoption,Neglected diseases and zoonoses,Data Science,Computational Biology,Ecology,Social Epidemiology,Vector-borne diseases,Medical Anthropology,Diagnosis,Public Private Partnerships,Public Health,Humanitarian health,Conflict and Health,Science,technology and development,STS,One Health Room 4.15, Chrystal Macmillan Building
Ismaël Maazaz Commoning resources ? Spaces, resource uses and associated political imaginaries in urban Chad conflictual production of spaces,resource politics,African security,Chad,Politics of oil,Competing political imaginaries,Urban anthropology,Urban geography  
+44 7 443069965
Brooks Marmon Zimbabwe,Southern Africa,West Africa,Liberia,Cold War,decolonization,higher education,Transnational History
Henry Mitchell 'The Uncrowned King of the Black Masses': The Life and Work of Clements Kadalie, c. 1896-1951 South Africa,Malawi,Britain,Labour History,Transnational History Chrystal Macmillan Building
Ava Muhr Land Tenure Systems,Land Reform,Gender,Côte d’Ivoire,Post-conflict peacebuilding,Environmental anthropology,Women's livelihoods,Political and legal anthropology
Sokhna O. K. Ndoye Political economy of Africa, regional integration, cross-border transport corridors, regional value chains, public debt, official development assistance and aid effectiveness, international economics
Monica Skaten
Rebekah Thompson Neglected Zoonotic and Tropical Diseases,Livestock Research,Meat Eating,Pigs,Medical Anthropology,Helminths,Human-animal relationships,Veterinary Anthropology,One Health,East Africa
James Turing The Circular Economy And Emerging E-Waste Storms In Sub-Saharan Africa energy security,Environment,Global justice,Humanitarian intervention,Sustainability,ICT4D,Ghana,Malawi,Kenya,Scotland-Malawi Partnership,Light and power,solar energy and rural electrification,Recycling,Repair,repurposing,E-waste,Rural Development,Education for Sustainable Development,Entrepreneurship,social enterprise,Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),Renewable Energy Systems Chrystal Macmillan Building
Kamau Wairuri Politics of Police Accountability in Kenya African security,Political violence,African studies,African Politics,Kenyan Politics,Urban margins,urban poor,Law and Social Order,Police Accountability,LGBTI,Sex Workers,Police and Policing,marginalization,Drug users,Police violence