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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Ismaël Maazaz

Ismaël Maazaz
Ismaël Maazaz
African Studies School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh UK
+44 7 443069965
Research Interests
Critical security studies, political economy of conflicts, conflictual production of spaces, North Africa-Central Africa borderlands, resource politics, African security, Chad, African and Latin American dynamics in comparative perspectives, Politics of oil, Competing political imaginaries, Urban anthropology, Urban geography

PhD Title

Commoning resources ? Spaces, resource uses and associated political imaginaries in urban Chad

My doctorate turns to the production and fragmentation of spaces in urban settings in Chad, as driven by the “commoning” (Stavrides 2016) and/or dissociating powers of oil and water multifarious daily uses and representations. Examples of spaces studied include gasoline stations, places á vivre (living square), markets or public square like the Place de la Nation. Resting on ethnographic fieldwork, the research examines the tumultuous making of conflicting political imaginaries based on natural resources. I will investigate whether such political imaginaries are entrenched in, or disconnected from, spatial realties (or a combination of both). In other words, I am looking at the territorialising and deterritorializing dynamics of political imaginaries framed around natural resources.


2015: MS in African Studies, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

2014: Master in International Relations, Sciences Po Lille, France (Institute of political studies)


Dr.Wolfgang Zeller and Dr. Jose-Maria Munoz

Conference paper:

"Hawkish Chad? Patterns of an Interventionist State in Central Africa" British International Studies association (BISA), University of Edinburgh, June 2016

"Chadiana dreaming: oil imaginaries and (re)production of urban nature in N'Djamena" African Studies Associated of the United Kingdom (ASAUK), University of Cambridge, Septembre 2016

Selected non-peer reviewed publications :

Turbulences en Libye méridionale: une menace majeure pour le bassin sahélien (Turmoil for Southern Libya: a major threat for the Sahel region). Analysis Note. Group for Research and Information on Peace and Security, Brussels, 2014. Available at : [Accessed: 18, January, 2016]

Monitoring de la stabilité régionale dans le bassin sahélien et en Afrique de l'Ouest - mars à juin 2014 (Monitoring of the regional stability in the Sahel and West Africa). Analysis Note. Group for Research and Information on Peace and Security, Brussels, 2014. Available at: [Accessed: 27,January, 2015]


2015: Global Development Academy (GDA) fieldwork scholarship

2011: French Nord-pas-de-calais regional council studentship

Public engagement:

Conference speaker United Nations Day, October 28 2015

You can read my blog posts here