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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


International Development

Name PhD Title Research Interests Contact Information
Clayton Boeyink The Politics and Practices of Self-Reliance in and around Refugee Camps in Western Tanzania Refugee studies,Cash Transfers,Refugee Livelihoods,Tanzania,refugee camps,labour migrants,trifurcated state
Kirsten Campbell Impacts and implications of energy access on rural communities in East India Technology and society,sustainable development,Sustainability,renewable energy,India
Megan Harrington The Sweet Life: an Ethnography of Sugar and Development in Malawi International Development,Gender and Development,Agriculture and Development,Livelihood,Labour,Land,Agribusiness,Global Value Chains,Global Production Networks,Rural Economy,Rural Development,Political Economy of Agriculture,Political Economy of International Development,Feminisms in Development and Economics,Ethnography,Anthropology,African Studies,Africa,Malawi,Sugar,Feminist Research,Decolonising approaches,Intersectionality Chrystal Macmillan Building;
Kamya Choudhary Contemporary Agriculture and Sustainability: Navigating the Impact of Solar-Powered Irrigation Pumps in Rural India Sustainable Development,Irrigation,Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods,Gender and Development,Protected Cultivation,International Development,Ethnography,Rajasthan,Solar Pump
Megan Douglas International development,energy security,Humanitarian intervention,ethnography,Migration and development,Refugee studies,Forced displacement,energy justice,sustainable energy,gender
Dilek Genc Humanitarian Technology,Development and Humanitarian Aid,Blockchains,ethnography,Market-driven development,East Africa  
+44 (0)75 128 17387
Amelia Kuch Citizenship in Exile Refugee studies,Migration,durable solutions,Citizenship,Mobility,Borderlands,Land Tenure Systems,Land governance,Urban development,International development,ethnography,Qualitative Research Methods,Tanzania,Burundi 4.16
Sulian Lizé The Risky Bet on Paddy Power: The Unexplained Non-Financialisation of the Rice Market International development,Rice Industry,International Political Economy,Political Economy of Finance,Agricultural Economics,Political Economy of Development,International Trade,Southeast Asian Studies,Rural Liverlihoods,Commodity Martkets,Futures Markets,Derivatives Markets,Risk-management,Coffee Trade,Sugar Trade,Wheat Trade,Anthropology of Finance,Sociology of Finance,Sustainable Development
Sublime N. Mabiala The Religion-Politics Nexus in the Contemporary Democratic Republic of Congo Religion and Politics, African Christianity and Ethics, Theo-Political Anthropology, Epistemology of Hope, Post-Conflict Environment, Participatory Reconstruction, G/Localization, Diaspora and Transnationalism, North-South Partnership, Simon Kimbangu, the Democratic Republic of Congo.  
+44(0)7428 982556
Paulina Gonzalez Martinez Politics of energy in Mexico Balance of power,Environment,ethnography,Institutions and institutional change,Ideology,nationalism,Policy construction,Sustainability,Inequality,Light,electrification,Mexico,Developing World,Neoliberalism,energy,State-formation,Nation-state,Energy & Infrastructure
Tiffany Minjauw Smallholder farmer resilience to climate change: from information, to adaptation, to transformation International Development,Food Security,Climate Change Adaptation,Smallholder farming,Climate Information Services,Early Warning Systems,Sub-Saharan Africa,Gender and Development,Ecosystem services and land use,Agricultural Production,Environmental Sustainability,Livestock Production School of Social and Political Science 
Declan Murray Solar waste? An ethnography of repair in Kenya's off-grid energy markets Electricity,Rubbish,Trash,Solar,Energy,Waste,Power,Design,Repair,Photovoltaics,E-waste,Maintenance,Infrastructure Chrystal Macmillan Building
Emmanuel Oluwole Oni A Case Study of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) as an agent of Institutional Reform in Nigeria. Institutions and institutional change,Quantitative Research,Macroeconomic Analysis,Corruption and Anti-Corruption Studies,International Development Room 416, Chrystal Macmillan Building 
Sangwon Park The Effect of Education on the Promotion of Gender Equality in Post-Genocide Rwanda Gender & Development,Women's Empowerment,Girls' Education,Feminism & Decolonisation,Gender-Based Violence,Positive Masculinities,Men-Engage Approach,Gender Pay Gap & Equal Pay  
+250 789 360 378 (while in the field)
Ian Russell The role of higher education in post-conflict reconstruction Knowledge production,Education,Peace and conflict,Post-conflict societies,Post-conflict reconstruction,Higher education,Pedagogy and politics,Knowledge and Development School of Social and Political Science
Tatianna Mello Pereira da Silva Traces of trash: an analysis of the social, spatial and material dimensions of the recycling chain of PET bottles in Brazil Sustainable consumption and production,Global south,Brazil,Circular Economy,Waste pickers,Waste,Recycling networks,Materiality,Global Value Chains,space and spatiality Chrystal Macmillan Building
James Turing The Circular Economy And Emerging E-Waste Storms In Sub-Saharan Africa energy security,Environment,Global justice,Humanitarian intervention,Sustainability,ICT4D,Ghana,Malawi,Kenya,Scotland-Malawi Partnership,Light and power,solar energy and rural electrification,Recycling,Repair,repurposing,E-waste,Rural Development,Education for Sustainable Development,Entrepreneurship,social enterprise,Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),Renewable Energy Systems Chrystal Macmillan Building
Dr Ann-Christin Wagner Transnational mobilities during the Syrian war – An ethnography of rural refugees and Evangelical humanitarians in Mafraq, Jordan Social Anthropology,Migration studies,Refugee studies,Anthropology of the Middle East,Urban Refugees,Urban anthropology,Border studies,Hospitality,Refugee youth and displacement 3.20
Boel McAteer Gender and self-reliance within humanitarian support for Turkey's urban displaced Forced displacement,Refugee studies,Urban Refugees,Refugee Livelihoods,Gender and Development,Development and Humanitarian Aid,Turkey,social exclusion,labour market inequlities
Nazira Zholdoshbekova Role of International Development Cooperation in Educational Transformation of the post-Soviet states: the case of the Kyrgyz Republic Institutions and institutional change,International development,Foreign Aid,Political economy of foreign aid;,Educational policy discourses,Comparative education,Policy borrowing,School reforms,Critical Discourse Analysis Office 6.12, Crystal Macmillan Building
Sane Pashane Zuka Large-Scale Extractive Mining in Democratic Malawi: Discourse, Governance and Poverty Reduction Instiutional building,energy security,Global Political Economy,,Land governance,Development Policy,Social capital,Historical Institutionalism,Extractive industries and resource governance,policy discourses,Global political economy