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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Kamya Choudhary

Kamya Choudhary
Kamya Choudhary
International Development School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland UK EH8 9LD
Research Interests
India, Gender and Development, Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Irrigation, Water Resource Management, Solar Energy, Gender and Technology, Men and Masculinities, International development, Feminism

PhD Title

Power and Transformation in Rural India: Understanding the Impacts of Solar-Powered Irrigation Pumps

Research Project Description

My research seeks to analyze the social and political consequences of the wide-scale shift to state-subsidized solar-powered irrigation pumping systems in Rajasthan, India. I focus on debates surrounding access, control, and sustainability to demonstrate how interactions with the technology impacts both farmers and policy formation processes.  


2016 - present: Ph.D. International Development, The University of  Edinburgh

2015 - 2016: MSc International Development, The University of Edinburgh

2012 - 2015: BA (Hons.) Political Science, Lady Shri Ram College, The University of Delhi

Conference Papers and Presentations:

Choudhary, K. (2018). ‘Being’ Brown: an intersectional account of identity and the post-graduate experience in the UK. Presented at the 'Teaching Feminisms, Transforming Lives' Project workshop, Ambedkar University Delhi, December 2017 and The University of Edinburgh. February 2018.

Choudhary, K. (2017). The Potentiality of Solar-Powered Irrigation Pumping Systems in Agrarian India: Studying the Social and Ecological Implications. Presented at the International Development Ph.D. Annual Presentation Day, Centre of African Studies, The University of Edinburgh. April 2017.

Choudhary, K. (2017). Sustainability of Solar Irrigation Pumps on the Farm: Challenges, and Concerns. Presented at the 8th SIID Postgraduate Research Conference: 'The Age of Sustainability: Opportunities, Critiques, Challenges', The University of Sheffield.  May 2017.

Choudhary, K. (2016). The Socio-Economic Impact of Solar Irrigation in India: Moving Beyond Diesel Offset. Presented in addition to an end-user perception report at Claro Energy. June 2016.

Related Academic Work:

2017-2019: Project member of the Feminist Taleem: Teaching Feminisms, Transforming Lives, a North-South research and pedagogic collaboration led by Dr. Radhika Govinda, funded by the UK-India Educational Research Initiative. 

2016: Researcher with Claro Energy (New Delhi, India).  

Academic Awards: 

2016: Perfect Storm Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarship

2016: Best Overall Performance, MSc in International Development Award

2016: JN Tata Gift Scholarship for Academic Excellence 2015:  Graduate School of Social and Political Science Funding Award

2015: JN Tata Endowment for the Higher Education of Indians Scholarship


Dr. Jamie Cross 

Dr. Radhika Govinda