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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Sangwon Park

Sangwon Park
Sangwon Park
International Development School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh
+44 (0)785 290 7878
Research Interests
Gender & Development, Women's Empowerment, Girls' Education, Decolonisation of Knowledge, Politics of International Development, Positive Masculinities, Men-Engage Approach, Ethnography, Humanitarian Intervention, Post-Conflict Reconstruction

PhD Title

The Effect of Girls' Education on Gender Equality in Post-Genocide Rwanda

Academic Credentials

PhD Candidate in International Development, University of Edinburgh, UK

MSc in Development Administration and Planning, University College London, UK

BA in International Relations, University of Southern California, USA


[2019-2020/Tutor] International Cooperation in Europe and Beyond (UG / Semester 1)

[2019-2020/Tutor] Analysing Development (PG / Semester 2)

[2019-2020/Tutor] International Development: Research Design and Practice (PG / Semester 2)

                                Nominated for the 2019-2020 'Student Tutor of the Year' Award.

[2019-2020/Mentor] Three Master's Students (MSc in Africa and International Development)


Park, S. (2018) "Book Review of Michael Kevane's 'Women and Development in Africa: How Gender Works'International Feminist Journal of Politics, 20 (3): 470-472.

Park, S. (2018) "Gender Quotas in Africa: Does Higher Representation of Women Result in Their Empowerment?National Institute for African Studies, 12 January.

Park, S. and Shema, C. (2019) "Preparing for Research Abroad: Fieldwork Requirements in Rwanda" London School of Economics Field Research Method Lab, 26 November. 

Park, S. (2020) "Does Girls' Education Lead to Gender Equality? Qualitative Evidence from Post-Genocide Rwanda", in K. Jones, C. Collins, M. Davies, M. Della Giusta and G. James (Eds.), The 3rd International Conference on Gender Research, University of Reading (Virtual Conference due to the Covid-19 pandemic), 16-17 July 2020 (postponed from 2-3 April 2020), pp. 277-283. 

Languages Spoken

Korean (Maternal), English (Fluent) & French (Working Proficiency)


Dr Radhika Govinda, Sociology Department

Dr Jean-Benoît Falisse, Centre of African Studies


Development Studies Association (DSA) - Member