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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Politics and IR

Name PhD Title Research Interests Contact Information
Gavin Barber Political parties,Comparative European Politics,Organisation Studies 3.12, Chrystal MacMillan Building
Francesca Batzella Faithful agent or independent actor? The European Commission in the external dimension of EU Energy Policy European Union,European Integration,EU Energy Policy,EU external relations,European Commission,Academic teaching
Sayra van den Berg Perpetrator Participation in Truth Commissions: Uncovering perpetrator experiences of post-conflict truth commissions peacebuilding,Transitional justice,Peace and conflict
Francesco Bertoldi Territorial politics,Nationalism and Devolution,Elections,Ethnic conflict,Northern Ireland,Ireland,Power-sharing agreements,Electoral Systems in Divided Societies,Identity Politics,Social Identity Theory,Discourse Analysis,Ethnicity and Identity
Ekaterina Braginskaia Muslim Councils in Britain and Russia: Challenges of Cooperation and Representation in Contrasting Institutional Contexts Muslim minority representation,Comparative Politics,Russian Politics,Institutionalist approaches and social movement organistions,Migration and citizenship Rm 4.14, Crystal Macmillan Building
Benedikt Buechel Political Theory,Territorial Rights,Immigration,Global Justice,International Relations
Andrew Byrne An External View of External Action: US E‰lite Discourse on the EU's Global Role 3.12, Chrystal MacMillan Building 
+44 755 489 3056
Thomas Charman The Discursive Construction of Sexual Violence against Men in Conflict: A Discourse-Theoretical Analysis of NGO and International Legal Documents Gender,gender and international relations,gender based violence,sexual violence,Gender and conflict,Masculinities,Militarised Masculinities,Sexual violence against men,Feminism,Poststructuralism,Discourse Analysis,Frame Analysis Rm 3.14, Chrystal MacMillan Building,
Christina Dineen Contemporary political theory,Political philosophy,Applied ethics,Ethics and morality,Resource allocation,Well-being,Bioethics  
Doctoral Researcher
Hilary Cornish 'Be polite, be professional, be prepared to kill'; counterinsurgency, masculinity in British military doctrine. Insurgency & Counter-Insurgency,Armed Forces,International Relations of the Middle East,The Military in Global Politics,Gender & International Relations,Masculinities Chrystal Macmillan Building
Yazmin Morlet Corti Data Protection Attitudes. Comparative study of Europe and Latin America privacy,online privacy,Cyberspace as political space,Political Culture,policy prefrences,public policy,Comparative Politics,Big Data Analytics,big data,Science and technology,data protection,behaviour,attitudes,Quantitative Analysis
Cleo Davies Understanding organizational action in the European Commission: The European Union's supervisory response to the financial crisis International Organisations,European studies,The politics of financial market supervision and regulation,International Political Economy Graduate office - Chrystal Macmillan Building
Kathy Dodworth NGO legitimation as practice: crafting political space in Tanzania Theories of Legitimacy,Social capital,Foucault,state-society relations,NGOs and Development,Non-state actors,Bourdieu,Ethnography,Tanzania,African studies 4.14 Chrystal Macmillan Building
Andrew Drever A Comparative Study of Reflective Equilibrium and Critical Dialectics Political philosophy,political philosophy methodology,Marxism,Rawlsianism,critical theory
Adrian Favero New opportunities in CEE: The role of the city in shaping the approach of the urban, educated youth in Poland to the European Union Following EU Accession Europeanization,European Union,Identity formation,Globalizationsation and personal life,urban sociology,identity politics,Central Eastern Europe
Louis Fletcher History of International Political Thought,Genealogical Critique,Political Realism,Critical Theory,Democratic Peace,Philosophy of History,Peace Research,Utopianism
Barbara Gaweda No country for losers? Gender, (in)equality, and the discursive construction of subjects and values in Polish politics gender,post-communism,post-Soviet politics,Central Eastern Europe,Feminism,Feminist institutionalism,Ukraine,Discourse Theory,Feminist Research,Postcolonialism,Europeanization,nationalism,Inequality,Feminist theory/research,Sexuality,discourse analysis,Gender & intersectionality
Victor Gigleux International Relations,Foreign Policy,Small States,European studies,International peace-keeping operations,EU external relations,Role Theory,Foreign Policy Analysis Chrystal Macmillan Building
Omar Loera-Gonzalez Mexico,Role Theory,Foreign Policy,Domestic sources of Foreign Policy,Geopolitics,Mexico-U.S. relations,Autonomy in Foreign Policy,the structure/agency problem Chrystal Macmillan
Alice Hague Faithful advocates: Faith-based communities and environmental action Environment,Climate change,political theology,community activism,faith-based activism,advocacy,mobilisation,environmental politics,environmental ethics,UK,USA,Sweden CMB 5.15 

No Photo Philipp Heinrich European Identities, Public Attachment to the EU, Public Attitudes, Experimental Approaches
Ibrahim Sani Electoral Governance: Understanding the Democratic Quality of Elections in Nigeria Elections,Political parties,Participation,Political representation,Civil Society and Democratization,participatory and deliberative democracy
Yukinori Iwaki Global Justice from Outside-the-Box Social and Political Theory,Political Philosophy,Global justice,poverty,Environment,labour,time,Climate change
Patrick Jahnke How do corporate voting instruction come about? Socially Responsible Investment (SRI),Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),International Political Economy,Stakeholder Theory,Financial Intermediation,Corporate Governance,Fiduciary Capitalism,Agency Theory,Shareholder Voting Rights Politics and International Relations 
+44 (0) 7796 174778
Laura Kandle The Evolution of Islamist Foreign Policy following the 2011 Uprisings Islamic political thought,Islamism,Foreign Policy Analysis,IR and Middle East,Role Theory,State Socialization,Partisan Politics,Party Competition,Egyptian politics,Tunisian politics,Civil Society and Democratization Chrystal Macmillan Building 

Oliver Kearns Secrecy and absence in the public residue of post-9/11 covert operations Secrecy,War and media,Debris,Covert state violence,Presence/absence,Drone strikes,Witnessing
Nicole Koenig 3.12
Konstantinos Kostagiannis Realist conceptualisations of power and the nation-state classical realism,International Relations,International theory,nationalism  

Hsinyen Lai Middle East Politics,Historical sociology,ideas and foreign policy,the Arab Left,the Gulf region room 4.14, Chrystal Macmillan Building
Benjamin Leruth Differentiated Integration in the European Union: a Comparative Study of Government Preferences in Finland, Sweden and Norway European Integration,European Union,British Politics,Comparative Politics,Regionalism,Nordic Politics
Siqi Li  
Yue Liu The South China Sea Dispute and Regional Security in East Asia International Relations,Regional Security,International Law of the Sea,Maritime Disputes
Shamiran Mako International Relations,Comparative Politics,International Relations of the Middle East,Governing in divided societies,Iraq and the Middle East,Institutions and institutional change,State building,Ethnic conflict,Territorial politics
Sissela Matzner Foreign Policy,Political parties,Responsibility,Narratives,Humanitarianism,Humanitarian intervention,Political violence,Conflict  

May Darwich Ideational and Material Forces in Threat Perception: Saudi and Syrian Choices in Middle East Wars International Relations of the Middle East,International Relations,Middle East Politics,IR and the Middle East,Balance of power,identity politics,ideas and foreign policy,Political Islam
Oscar Moreno-Martinez Technological innovation in the Colombian war. Insurgency, Counterinsurgency, and Terror (1993–2012) Technology and Innovation Studies,Colombian Armed Conflict,Military-Technical Change,Insurgency & Counter-Insurgency,United States Foreign Security Policy,War Studies Rm 1.04, Old Surgeons' Hall 
+44 744 911 5542
Wassim Mroue Middle East Politics,IR and Middle East,Sectarianism,the Gulf region,Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Cera Murtagh Fighting for the Centre: Multi-Ethnic Parties in Post-Conflict Societies in Comparative Perspective Post-conflict societies,Peace and conflict,Ethnicity and Identity,Nationalism and National Identity,Political parties,Social movements,gender politics Room 3.12, Chrystal Macmillan Building 
0131 651 3785
Nataliya Muzyka Influence of European Union on democratic transformations in Poland and Ukraine: role of elites during the transformation process EU external relations,EU-third countries interactions,Europeanization,identity politics,European Union,International Relations,Ukraine,National Identity,Poland,transition studies,post-Soviet politics,Social network analysis,Elites
James Nyomakwa-Obimpeh
P. Trent Olsen The inclusive guise of gay asylum: a socio-legal analysis of sexual minority asylum recognition in the United Kingdom Asylum,Human rights,identity politics,LGBT studies Chrystal Macmillan Building
Nina Perkowski Humanitarianism, Human Rights, and Security in EUropean Border Governance: The Case of Frontex EU border management,Frontex,Migration,Humanitarianism,border security,Human rights,critical migration research,European Union migration policy,irregular migration,critical security studies
Tanita Jill Poeggel Struggles around Detention and Deportation of Non-Citizens in Germany Immigration and asylum policy,political theory,asylum seekers and refugees,critical migration research,Migration and citizenship,Social movements,critical theory,national identity,Memory politics
No Photo Lorenzo Ranalli 4.12 CMB
No Photo Zoey Reeve The Social Identity Theory of Radicalisation in Intergroup Conflict Social psychology 4.14 CMB
Alexandra Remond Britain,Canada,federal states,identity politics,nationalism,Politics,Comparative Politics,British-EU politics,Scotland,Political parties,Territorial Politics,Nationalism,Nationalism and National Identity,Scottish Independence Referendum,Quebec-Scotland comparisons,Political identities and citizenship,Election campaigning,Electoral Systems in Divided Societies,Electoral and Referendum behaviour,Montenegro,the Balkans 6.12 CMB
No Photo Sofiane Sahnoun Active Citizenship for British Muslims under the Coalition Government identity politics,national identity,Citizenship and belonging  
Anthony Salamone European integration,European Union,British politics,UK's EU relations,UK foreign policy,Scottish politics,Europeanisation,Devolution,Public opinion,Public policy,Comparative politics
Elisabeth Schweiger Droning Silence - Targeted Killing and the Significance of Silence in International Law Formation UN Security Council,War on terror,Discourse Theory,critical theory,International Law & International Relations,Law and Regulation
Andrew Scott Policy reasons or policy networks? The factors influencing shale gas policy-making within the British government. energy politics,energy security,business regulation,environmental politics,Public policy,Comparative Politics,policy networks,policy community,Politics of oil Chrystal Macmillan Building
Judith Sijstermans Evaluating the Impact of Transnational Party Collaboration on European Stateless Nationalist and Regionalist Parties Political parties,European Union,Policy learning,Europeanization,Nationalism,Regionalism,Socialization,Policy networks,Policy transfer,Multi-level governance,British Politics
Lukas Slothuus Political theory,Political philosophy,Marxism,Critical theory,Resistance,Contentious politics
Saskia Smellie Explaining Variation in Refugee Protection Policy in the EU: National Role Conceptions and Domestic Political Constraints Politics of Migration and Asylum Policy,Responsibility-Sharing,European Union,Foreign Policy,Role Theory School of Social & Political Science 
07530 882515
No Photo Yifang Sun PhD of Politics political psychology,US foreign policy,Foreign Policy Analysis
Consuelo Thiers Not quite a Pacific Ocean: the role of leader's beliefs in the context of South American enduring rivalries political psychology,Foreign Policy Analysis,Latin American Foreign Policies,At-a-distance personality assessment of political leaders Chrystal Macmillan Building   
+44 (0) 749 156 0106
Larissa Toal Army of Dolls: Discursive and Substantive Representations of Women in Sub-State Nationalist Movements Feminism,Nationalism,women's and social movements,Critical Discourse Analysis,Gender and conflict
Patrick Utz Territorial politics,Federalism,Nationalism and Devolution,Party politics,Multi-level party politics,European Union,Europeanization,Language policy,identity politics,Consociationalism
Ingmar Versolmann Three Energy Packages & Decision 994/2012 – Paving the way for a European Energy Union European Union,EU Energy Policy,New Institutionalism,EU external relations,European Intergration,Energy politics,Energy security School of Social and Political Science, Chrystal Macmillan Building 
+44 (0) 778 774 4004
Gisli Vogler Towards an ethos of reality: Judging the Greyzone of Complicity in Human Rights Violations through Structure and Agency political theory,Social theory,Political memory and historical injustice,Theories of democracy,Power,the structure/agency problem,Critical Social and Political Theory Politics and International Relations School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh
Renske Vos international law,Transnational Law,EU Crisis Management,EU military operations,International Security,governance,Practice Theory,Migration,Libya
Cat Wayland Political Theory,Political Philosophy,Feminist Theory,Gender and Intersectionality,Critical Theory,Subjectivity and Politics of the Self,Theories of Oppression and Complicity,Neoliberalism and subjectivity,Resistance and solidarity
Luba Zatsepina-McCreadie The Role of Nuclear Identities in Shaping Nuclear Decisions (US and USSR). Nuclear Weapons,Identity,Non-proliferation,Post-structuralism,Discourse Analysis,Gender,Cold War,IR and Security studies 3.15, Chrystal Macmillan Building,