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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Kathy Dodworth

Kathy Dodworth
Kathy Dodworth
Politics and International Relations School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Theories of Legitimacy, Social capital, Foucault, state-society relations, NGOs and Development, Non-state actors, Bourdieu, Ethnography, Tanzania, African studies

PhD Title

NGO legitimation as practice: crafting political space in Tanzania

PhD Research

I'm interested in how non-state actors construct their authority with which to exercise their own forms of governance. I spent 2012-3 conducting ethnographic research with NGOs in Tanzania, mapping informal, mainly discursive, legitimation practices. I am particularly interested in how NGOs interact with local government and other agencies. I draw from Bourdieu and  Foucault in employing practice-focused enquiry. Before returning to academia, I worked for several INGOs in sub-Saharan Africa on education and health. 


Research Fellow with Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society, looking at charitable funding in the NHS.

Researcher on 'Closing Hospitals: an evaluation of knowledge use and public involvement in disinvestment proposals' with @DrEllenStu

Publications and Conference Papers


I bring considerable teaching/facilitation experience from my previous NGO life. Nominated for EUSA teaching award 2014-15. Taught on the following:

  • Africa in Contemporary World (pre-hons) 2017-18, Tutor
  • Governance, Poverty, Development in Africa (PG) 2014-16, Lecture
  • Africa in International Politics (PG) 2015, Guest Lecturer
  • Africa in World Politics (Honours) 2015, Tutor & Guest Lecturer
  • Approaches to Politics and IR (Honours) 2012-14, Tutor
  • Research in Africa (PG) 2015, Guest presentation
  • Interpreting development institutions (PG) 2015-8, Guest presentation

Office Hours

Drop me a line - I'm at 23 Buccleuch Place.