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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Ritumbra Manuvie

Ritumbra Manuvie
Ritumbra Manuvie
Politics and International Relations School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
Research Interests
Climate change Migration, Governance, Public Policy, Institutions and institutional change, South Asia, Borderlands, Wicked Problems

PhD Title

Governance of Climate Change Related Migrations in Assam (India)

My work investigates why the government policies on adaptation do not deliver. For my thesis, I explored how the senior bureaucrats in India perceive and frame climate-change related migrations. The adaptation policies they prioritise and the agendas they set to assist climate migrants (and those who are trapped in fragile ecosystems). The work then considers the deliverance of policy agendas prioritised by the senior bureaucrats and sheds light on why there is a non-uniform and inadequate implementation. 


Dr. Wilfried Swenden and Professor Elizabeth Bomberg


Ritumbra Manuvie, Electoral Politics and Development Deficit in the Char Islands of Assam, (work in progress)

Ritumbra Manuvie, Citizenship Amidst Disasters (Submitted to Citizenship Studies) 

Ritumbra Manuvie, ‘Institutional Response to Displacement due to Chronic Disasters: The Art of Muddling Through’, in Climate Change, Vulnerability and Migration. S. Irudaya Rajan and R.B.Bhagat (eds.). Routledge Publication. 2018 (Forthcoming)

N.H. Ravindranath, Ritumbra Manuvie, Sita Lakshmi. ‘Biofuels and Climate Change: Implications for GHG Emissions, Biodiversity, Impacts and Adaptation’ in The Food Versus Fuel Debate. Frank Rosillo-Calle and Francis X Johnson (eds.). ZED Publications. 2011.  

N.H. Ravindranath, Ritumbra Manuvie, P. Balachadar. ‘Biofuel Production and Implications for Land Use, Food Production and Environment in India’. Energy Policy. Elsevier. 2010. 

N.H. Ravindranath, Ritumbra Manuvie, ….. Green House Gas Implications of Land Use and Land Conversion to Biofuel Crops in Biofuels: Environmental Consequences and Interactions with Changing Land Use. Howarth, R.W. and S. Bringezu (eds.). Cornell University. USA. 2009. 

Book Review Climate Change and Displacement: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, Jane McAdam (eds.), Hart Publishing, 2010, 258 pp., in Climate law, Volume 2, Number 4: 605-611

Scholarships and Awards

Commonwealth Scholarship, for doctoral studies in the UK (2011-2017)

UNU-EHS Fellowship, Germany, 2010.

UNU-ISP Fellowship, Japan, 2009.

Hugo Conference travel bursary 

Delhi University travel bursary to present paper at the 9th IGU Conference, 2015.

GESA travel bursary to present paper at the Climmig Conference, Austria, 2012.

NRC Travel bursary to attend Nansen Conference, Norway, 2011.

Academic Experience

Tutor, School of Politics and Social Studies, University of Edinburgh (2016/17)

Doctoral Researcher, University of Edinburgh (2011-2017) *

*Study was interrupted for a period of approximately three years as maternity leave.

Assistant Professor, School of Law, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India (2010–2011)

Organized and taught compulsory courses on Labour Laws, and Land Laws for undergraduate students of Law. Procured essential law library datasets and online databases for a newly established institution.

Assistant Professor, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala, India (2009-2010)

Organized and taught specialized courses on Human Rights and Globalization, and Human Rights in International Criminal Justice System for the post-graduate students of law during Semester 1. Taught compulsory courses on Private International Law and Jurisprudence for the undergraduate students of Law during Semester 2.

Policy and Advocacy Experience

Policy Advise, Member Parliament, Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Thiruvananthapuram Constituency, India (ongoing)

Currently working on an advice on behest of the MP to improve disaster resilience of his constituency and manage out-migration by the farming and fishing communities. The work will pertain a scoping analysis of disaster risk and climate change risk, review of the migration trajectories and migration reasons and providing a cross-sectoral advice on resilience building and migration governance at a sub-national 

Policy Advise, State Government of Assam, (2016-2017)

Provided recommendation to the State Government of Assam on aspects of existing policies concerning the governance of flood-related migrations. The recommendations are expected to be formally incorporated into the operational policy of the Disaster Management Authority from 2018/19 fiscal cycle. 

Member Advisory Board, PEDA International, Pakistan

I regularly review and contribute to the project proposals relating to strengthening sub-national governance institutions, climate risk reduction, livelihood diversification and disaster resilience.

Project Volunteer, Winrock International – Sudan BRIDGE Program, South Sudan (2010)

Internal capacity assessment of the interim government of South Sudan in the state of Unity, Norther-Behr Gazal and Warrap. I assisted in developing programs for capacity building through fiscal and governance trainings provided to the senior bureaucratic officials of GOSS. 

Project Assistant, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India (2008-2009)

Policy research in the areas of biofuels, land-use change, and energy efficiency in Small Medium Enterprises. Directly contributed towards framing technical reports for Global Environmental Fund, UNIDO and World Bank technical advisory groups on scope of investments in Biofuels.

Associate (Consultant/Partner), B&B Associates and Legal Consultants, India (2004-present)

This is my family law firm - a medium size enterprise employing a team of 8 legal associates and 20 paralegals across three offices. I regularly provide 7 hours a week advice on various civil and criminal law matters.  


Ph.D, (Awaiting Defence), Politics and International Relations, University of Edinburgh

L.L. M (Human Rights), National Law School of India University, Bangalore, India (2009)

L.L.B, Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, Delhi University, India (2007)

B.A. (Politics and History) Maharishi Daynand University, India (2004)

Short Courses

MOOC Certificate with distinction in ‘International Organizations Management’, offered by University of Geneva (December, 2014)

MOOC Certificate in ‘The Changing Global Order’, offered by Universiteit Leiden (December 2014).

MOOC Certificate with distinction in ‘Climate Change Science’, offered by Oxford University in association with MIT (July 2014)

Certificate in ‘Entrepreneurship Development’, offered by University of Edinburgh (July 2012).

Summer Academy Fellowship in ‘Social Vulnerability and Climate Change’, offered by United Nations University –EHS, Bonn in association with Munich Re Foundation (June 2010).

Certificate in ‘United Nations System’, offered by United Nations University –ISP, Tokyo Japan (April-June 2009).

Certificate in ‘Global Change and Sustainability’, offered by United Nations University – ISP, Tokyo, Japan (April-June 2009).

Paper Presentations

Presented paper titled Environmental Migrations and Marginalization: The Doubtful Citizens of India  at The Hugo Conference: Environment, Migration, Politics - Liège, 3-4-5th November, 2016.

Presented paper titled Politics of Disasters in Assam, at IX India International Geographer’s Union Congress, Delhi University, 18-20th March 2016.

Presented paper titled Climate Change and Migration in India for the International Conference on Climate Change: Law, Policy and Governance, Delhi University, 25th-27th April 2014.

Presented paper titled Human Rights Compliance in Context of Climate Change: Role of Judiciary at the Climig Conference on Human Rights, Environmental Change, Migration and Displacement, Vienna 20/21st September 2012.

Presented paper titled Climate Change Victimization: Relooking the Refugee Convention at the 2010 Summer Academy on Social Vulnerability organized by United Nations University Bonn, Germany, 25th-31st July, 2010.

Presented paper titled Agriculture in Conflict Effected North-East India at Agriculture: Promoting Livelihoods in Conflict-Affected Environments, organized by the Centre for Stabilization and Reconstruction Studies, Monterey, USA, 22nd -25th March 2010).