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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Thijs Keulen

Thijs Keulen
Thijs Keulen
Politics and International Relations School of Social and Political Science University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Critical Social and Political Theory, Democratic Theory, Work and Labour, Critical Phenomenology, Marxism, Power and Subjectivation, Capitalism and democracy

Research Interests

My research centres on the relationship between the politics of work and democracy in late capitalist societies. In particular, I am researching the relationship between the restructuring of labour in neoliberal political economies, in which work has become more pervasive in its power over people's lives in a variety of ways, and democratic theory. I am most interested in the ways in which democratic theory might enable a political understanding of the social suffering caused by these developments, as well as the challenges potentially posed by the latter to these theories' conceptions of political agency, subjectivity and power.


Dr. Mihaela Mihai (Politics and IR)

Prof. Jonathan Hearn (Sociology)


2018-present - PhD in Political Theory, University of Edinburgh

2016-2017 - MLitt in International Political Theory (Distinction), University of St. Andrews

2014-2015 - BSc in Philosophy of a Specific Discipline, University of Groningen

2011-2015- BSc in International Relations and Organisation  University of Groningen

Teaching Experience

Political Thinkers (2020, 2021), Seminar tutor

Democracy and its Discontents (2020), Seminar tutor

Politics in a Changing World (2019), Seminar tutor

Papers and Presentations

2020 - "Work and Democracy in the Post-Fordist Social Factory" - paper presented at Political Theory Research Group, University of Edinburgh

2019 - Keulen, T. (2019). In the Marxian workshops: Producing subjects. Contemporary Political Theory, 1-4.