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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Chris Mellingwood


Dr Jane Calvert
Dr Pablo Schyfter
Dr Alistair Elfick


EPSRC funding for doctoral research: 2014 - 2017

Research Projects

Linked research interests with the ERC funded project: 'Engineering Life: Ideas, Practices, and Promises'


MSc. (Research Methods) in History of Science, Technology, and Medicine - University of Manchester: 2013 - 2014. Merit.

BA (Hons) English - Manchester Metropolitan University: 2009 - 2012. First Class.

Selected Papers & Presentations

Mellingwood, C. (2016) 'Envisioning experimental space through automated laboratory work' Conference paper at the Society for New and Emerging technologies (S.NET) conference, Bergen, Norway, October 2016.

Mellingwood, C. (2016) '"Not something we need to worry about": Automation in biosciences laboratories' Paper presentation at SynthSys Open Centre Meeting, University of Edinburgh, Sept. 2016.

Mellingwood, C. (2016) 'The case of robotics in UK synthetic biology: envisioning experimental space through automated laboratory work' Poster presentation at STIS Annual PhD conference, University of Edinburgh, April 2016.

Mellingwood, C. (2016)Automation, expectations, and laboratory work - a robot in every lab?’ SynBio Perspectives, SynthSys opinion piece.

Mellingwood, C. (2015) 'Following the herd: paradoxes in the social study of synthetic biology' Engineering Life Project blog post.

Ellwood, S, Chambers, N, Llewelyn, S, Begkos, C, Wood, C. (2015) 'Debate: Achieving the benefits of patient-level costing - open book or can't look?'. Public Money and Management. 35 (1). 

Chambers, N, Llewellyn, S, Adil, M, Wood, C, Begkos, C, Ellwood, S. (2014) 'Finance. It is time to open the book on NHS finances'. Health Service Journal. 124 (6403).


Research Project Manager - University of Manchester: 2012 - 2015