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School of Social and Political Science: Graduate school


Diana Carolina Velasco Malaver


Systems Engineer (Universidad de los Andes, 2006)

Anthropologist (Universidad de los Andes, 2006)

Previous experience as academic advisor in Universidad del Rosario. I was in charge of the academic strategic planning of the university, information systems and statistic institutional information. Currently I am currently coordinating the Politics of Science and Technology Research Line in the Research Group for the Study of the Science, Technology and Professions in Universidad del Rosario.  

Research Interests

My research topic is about the political framework of the Colombian National System of Innovation. I study the macro framework of the system and also explore as a case study the agriculture sectoral system of innovation.

My theoretical framework is based mostly in the System of Innovation Approach, but I mix it with the Triple Helix Approach and contextual Latin American Studies, as the Latin American Structuralism. The basis of my theoretical framework is Institutional Theory and Evolutionary Economics.

This is a qualitative research, so for doing data collection I have performed interviews to key actors in the Colombian public, private, academic, and intermediary sectors. Interviews have been done concurrently with documentary analysis.  

PhD Supervisors

Prof. Robin Williams 

Dr. Geoff Gregson 


Colombian National Scholarship "Generación del Bicentenario, Fondo Francisco José de Caldas" (2009)